McAfee Antivirus And Security Software Price List in India

McAfee Antivirus And Security Software Price in India

Latest McAfee Antivirus And Security Software ModelsPrice
McAfee Total Protection 1 PC 1 YearRs. 583
McAfee AntiVirus Plus 1 PC 1 Year 2014Rs. 195
McAfee Intel Total Protection 1 User 3 YearRs. 1,398
Mcafee Total Protection 2015 1 PC 3 YearRs. 1,439
McAfee LiveSafe Total Security Unlimited DevicesRs. 2,633
McAfee Antivirus Plus 1 PC 1 Year Paper LicenseRs. 269
McAfee Total Protection 2015 3 PC 3 YearRs. 3,869
McAfee Internet Security 1 PC 1 YearRs. 349
Mcafee Antivirus Plus 2016 2 PC 1 YearRs. 399
McAfee Intel Total Protection 2015 1 PC 1 YearRs. 648

McAfee Antivirus and Security Software Prices 2018

Located in California, McAfee Inc. is one of the largest security technology companies all over the world which is now owned by Intel Security Group. While the company initially offered antivirus and security solutions for personal computers, it now offers an extensive range of enterprise solutions, server solutions, and mobile solutions too. If an advanced and effective antivirus solution is what you are looking for, McAfee is the way to go.

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5 Reasons to Buy McAfee Antivirus and Security Software

  • One of the largest security technology companies
  • Extensive range of cyber security solutions for personal and business use
  • Products are very easy to use and light on the system
  • Advanced scan engine to detect latest of threats
  • Reasonably priced products

Types of Antivirus and Security Software by McAfee

Personal Use:

For personal use, McAfee offers several different antivirus and security solutions, like AntiVirus Plus, Total Protection, and LiveSafe. All the solutions come with a number of advanced features to offer the best cyber protection.


The Enterprise range of products offered by McAfee are recommended for large enterprises with more than 250 employees. Some of the most popular products in this range are Advanced Threat Analysis, Server Security, Network Security, and Database Security.

Small Business:

Recommended for businesses with less than 250 employees, the Endpoint Protection Essential from McAfee has features like Threat Protection, Data Protection, The Web and Messaging Security, and Management.

Buying the Right McAfee Antivirus and Security Software

Some of the most important considerations that can help you select the right product include-

Malware Database:

An antivirus software has a database of known malware which it uses for comparing the contacts of a file on your system. Make sure that the software you select has a vast database of all the commonly known malware and the database is updated on a regular basis to add all the latest malware.

Malware Removal:

If you are looking for total cyber protection, make sure you select a software which not only detects and blocks the malware but removes it as well. There are several types of software which can only detect malware but require another program for removing them.

Additional Features:

Select the software as per your requirement and look for additional features, like email protection, browsing protection in real time, firewall, password manager, and firewall to experience better cyber security.

Comparing McAfee Antivirus and Security Software with CompareRaja

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