Kaspersky Antivirus And Security Software Price List in India

Kaspersky Antivirus And Security Software Price in India

Latest Kaspersky Antivirus And Security Software ModelsPrice
Kaspersky Antivirus 2016 1 PC 1 YearRs. 351
Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 3 PC 3 YearRs. 2,095
Kaspersky Antivirus 2016 1 User 3 YearsRs. 758
Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 1 PC 1 YearRs. 496
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 1 User 1 YearRs. 399
Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 2 PC 1 YearRs. 1,035
Kaspersky Small Office Security 20 PCs 2 File Server 20 Mobile DevicesRs. 7,140
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 New Slim Pack 2 PC 1 YearRs. 1,044
Kaspersky Total Security 2016 3 PC 1 Year Multi DeviceRs. 2,299
Kaspersky Internet Security Multi DeviceRs. 2,149

Kaspersky Antivirus & Security Software Prices 2018

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While transacting online, security is critical. It not only protects your PC from being harmed by viruses, Trojans and other malicious software but also ensures the safety of your digital persona. Staying protected is essential in today's life as more and more of our banking transactions are being made digital. When it comes to anti-virus and other security software, Kaspersky is the first name that pops into one’s mind. Founded in 1997, the company currently protects digital data of over 400 million customers worldwide. Their expertise is transforming the way businesses, governments, and individuals guard their online data and persona.

On this page, you can compare the different Anti-virus and Security solutions from Kaspersky. With the side-by-side comparison and refine your search feature, you can easily find the right product that meets your specifications. Once you have decided on the right solution for your needs, you can further complete your transaction at your preferred retailer from the many choices available.

Reasons why Kaspersky is the No.1 Security Solutions Provider for PCs and Laptops

  • You can control all your end-point assets from a single console
  • Easy, painless and straightforward security solutions that are a breeze to use
  • End-to-end protection that covers all your digital gateways
  • A single integrated platform that eliminates the need for different platforms for different tools
  • Kaspersky has continually proved that it’s the best solution in independent industry tests

Various Types of Security Solutions from Kaspersky

Kaspersky provides various types of security solutions to cater to the needs of different users. Some of the highly popular solutions from Kaspersky are:

Anti-Virus Software:

Protects your PC against viruses, spyware and other malicious software. Helps your system perform at its maximum capacity. From one year to five years, users can buy licenses for one device or more from Kaspersky.

Internet Security:

Protects you from threats while shopping, interacting or surfing online. Also, safeguards your privacy and other personal information online.

Total Security:

Total Security solution for your entire family. It protects them both online and offline.

Password Manager: With so many passwords, it can not only get difficult to remember them but it is also a security risk. Kaspersky password manager helps you store all vital information like credit card details at one place. Not only that, it allows you to access all passwords with just one master password from your phone, laptop or tablet.

Kaspersky Safe Kids :

Designed for kids and their safety, this smart software ensures your kids can enjoy the digital world but are always under your check and safe from the dangers and risks of the online world.

How to choose the right Antivirus and Security Software for your needs?

Category of Users: Kaspersky provides different types of solutions for the various categories of users.

Home Users :

Kaspersky provides three primary solutions for the home user: Anti-Virus, Internet Security, and Total Security. These are further divided into security for Mac, Windows or Android User.

Small Business (1 to 25 employees) :

Small businesses have three different solutions within Small Office Security to choose from- Cloud-based Security, Select Security or Advanced Security.

Medium Business (up to 1000 employees) :

Medium businesses can choose from either cloud-based security solutions or on-premises security solutions depending on their preference.

Huge Enterprises (more than 1000 employees) :

Kaspersky provides the following solutions for large enterprises: Endpoint Security, Virtualisation Security, Mobile Security, Anti-Targeted Attack, DDoS Protection, Security Intelligence Services, Security for Data Centres, Fraud Prevention and Industrial Cyber Security.

Virus Protection:

If you are looking at security product to ensure that your device is always safeguarded from any virus attack, the Kaspersky Anti-virus is the best option to go for.

Internet Threats :

If your work requires you to download and upload a lot of files on the net, Internet Security or Total Security products from Kaspersky should be looked into.

Extra Protection :

If you are looking for the extra protection, you can go for other software too apart from the regular anti-virus software from Kaspersky. While the Kaspersky Password Manager reduces the risk of your passwords and credit card info from the online worlds, Kaspersky Safe Kids is important software if you have kids at home, and want them to enjoy the digital world without exposing them to the dangers.

How CompareRaja Simplifies the Process

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