InFocus Projector Price List in India

InFocus Projector Price in India

Latest InFocus Projector ModelsPrice
InFocus IN220 ProjectorRs. 27,000
InFocus IN112 ProjectorRs. 68,000
InFocus IN226 ProjectorRs. 38,000
InFocus IN2104 ProjectorsRs. 104,856
InFocus IN1146 ProjectorRs. 59,900
InFocus Projector

InFocus Corporation is an American company based in Oregon and was founded in 1986. The company manufactures DLP and LCD projectors along with the accessories, LED TVs, tablets, and smartphones. InFocus owns the ASK Proxima brand and sells the products under the same name. It entered the Indian market in 2015, and since then it has launched many budget smartphones in the country.

Buying of the right model of InFocus Projectors has now been made super convenient by the online search of the product. The page not only helps to find out the product but also helps to compare a variety of models with those available in the market as well as on e-commerce sites. You can choose the projector according to the features such as size, weight, and resolution. 

5 Reasons To Buy InFocus Projectors

1. InFocus provides you with ultra-sharp HD projectors.
2. Comes with a wide range of sizes and designs.
3. They also come with the feature of wireless connections.
4. InFocus offers high-resolution projectors with enough brightness.
5. Prices offered are quite reasonable considering the features they come with.

Options Available in InFocus Projectors

A. Ultra Portable Projectors
InFocus's ultra portable range of projectors enables you to choose the right mobile projector. If your job involves travelling and representing your business in different places the portable projectors by InFocus are the best solution.

B. Office/Classroom Projectors
The office or classroom projectors come with high resolution and best picture quality which will enhance the learning experience. They also come with the wireless connectivity.

C. Short Throw Projectors
The short throw projectors by InFocus are best suited for installment in small rooms. The distance required between projector and screen is less, so it helps in reducing shadows and increasing the picture quality.

D. Large Venue Projectors
This category by InFocus offers you with the projectors with HD colours and high resolution which will prove perfect in auditorium and theater installments.

Guide to Buy InFocus Projectors
  • Brightness : Projectors come with lumen rating, the higher the lumen rating, higher will be the brightness of the projector. So, it is necessary to compare the brightness of the different models before buying.
  • Resolution : It is necessary to check the resolution of the projector you wish to buy. More the resolution, cleaner the image will be. 
  • Easy to Install and Use : The projector should be easy to install and should not be too much tricky to use. 
  • Connectivity : The projector should be easy to connect with the devices and should also have the feature of wireless connection. It must also support USB, VGA and HDMI connections.
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