Hitachi Projector Price List in India

Hitachi Projector Price in India

Latest Hitachi Projector ModelsPrice
Hitachi ED 27X ProjectorRs. 27,800
Hitachi CP X3041WN ProjectorRs. 40,000
Hitachi CP RX250 ProjectorRs. 30,500
Hitachi CP X5022WN ProjectorRs. 85,500
Hitachi CP X3042WN ProjectorRs. 37,900
Hitachi CP EX301N ProjectorRs. 36,000
Hitachi CP EX250 ProjectorRs. 36,850
Hitachi CP X3015WN ProjectorRs. 39,000
Hitachi CP EX302N ProjectorRs. 35,400
Hitachi Projector

Hitachi Ltd. is a Japanese multinational conglomerate established in Tokyo, Japan. The Hitachi Group is a diverse company which covers many market segments like Telecommunication systems, power systems, electronics, automotives, etc. More than a century old, the company manufactures premium quality electronics and has a great reputation over the years. Hitachi's projector line offers a customer with best picture quality.

Once you have chosen the right brand, then the next complicated task is to find the right product according to your needs. This page allows you to ease your search by applying filters regarding size, resolution, brightness and much more. You can even compare the prices of many products online. Once you have selected the product, it also helps you in easy buying of the projector.

5 Reason To Buy Hitachi Projector

1. A wide range of office and classroom projectors to choose from.
2. Hitachi Projectors make use of LCD technology.
3. Durable and requires low maintenance.
4. Most of the projectors by Hitachi come with a warranty period of at least 3 years.
5. The picture quality, colours and brightness offered by Hitachi Projectors are unparallel.

Options Available In Hitachi Projectors
  • LCD Projectors : This range of projectors by Hitachi come with an LCD which provide a high definition and a premium picture quality. The brightness offered by these projectors is quite good. 
  • Short Throw Projectors : Short Throw projectors by Hitachi are best suited for installation in a small room. If you wish to project the picture on the screen which is at a short distance from the projector, the Short Throw Projectors will be a great choice.
  • Portable Projectors : If your business involves travelling and selling of the services at different places, then you can use the portable range of projectors by Hitachi. They are confined in small sizes with better picture quality.
  • Classroom Projectors : This range of classroom projectors offers a quality picture along with vibrant colours which will give life to your presentation and will make the session more interactive. Hitachi offers a wide range of classroom projectors keeping in mind the needs of students.
Guide To Buy Hitachi Projectors
  • Picture Quality : Before buying the projector ensure that the resolution is up to the mark or not. Also, customers must keep in mind that projectors come with ratings in 'Lumens,' which signifies the brightness the projector will provide.
  • Weight : If you wish to buy a portable projector, then size and weight play an important role. The projector should not be too heavy to carry.
  • Easy To Install and Operate : The projector should be easy to install and more than that it should be more easy to operate. The features of the projector should be easily understood by the user.
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