eScan Antivirus And Security Software Price List in India

eScan Antivirus And Security Software Price in India

Latest eScan Antivirus And Security Software ModelsPrice
eScan AntiVirus 1 PC 1 YearRs. 240
eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security 3 PC 1 YearRs. 1,650
eScan AntiVirus with Cloud Security 2 PC 1 YearRs. 956
eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security 5 PC 1 YearRs. 2,825
eScan Mobile Security For Android 1 User 3 YearsRs. 749
eScan AntiVirus With Cloud Security 1 User 3 YearsRs. 1,295
eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security 4 PC 1 YearRs. 2,700
eScan Tablet Security for Android 1 Tablet 1 YearRs. 487
eScan Internet Security Suite With Cloud Security 1 User 2 YearsRs. 1,596
eScan Anti Virus Total Protection 2015 1 PC 1 YearRs. 270

eScan Antivirus & Security Software Prices 2018

eScan Antivirus & Security Software is an antivirus program that is designed by the Indian antivirus company, MicroWorld Technologies Inc. It started in India in 1993. Today, eScan is available internationally and is present in numerous languages. The latest version, 14.0, was released in 2013. When it comes to Antivirus & Security Software, then eScan is one of the best to choose.

This page allows you to go through various models of eScan antivirus and security software. Also, on this page, you can refine your research by price, user ratings, and the type of software. Moreover, you can even compare the prices from the e-commerce sites, including Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, and others.

5 Reasons to Purchase eScan Antivirus & Security Software

  • People from all around the world trust the authenticity of this product and eScan deals in a global platform.
  • The integrated features in the antivirus and software are technologically advanced.
  • The products have lowest memory-footprints.
  • You can get the customised products.
  • The products work efficiently, and the company offers reliable customer service.

Different Types Of eScan Antivirus & Security Software

While buying an antivirus & security software, the prime concern is the security. So, here are some of the amazing types of antivirus & security system offered by eScan.

Home & Small Office:

In this category, you can get your hands on such software & antivirus that have been specially designed to provide security to various devices and computers. They help to fight against Viruses, Adware, Spyware, Rootkits, Keyloggers, Hackers, Botnets, Phishing, and Spam. These products are also integrated with latest and advanced technologies.

Small & Medium Business:

The software & antivirus that come within this category have been designed to be compatible for protecting crucial infrastructure. These products include Secure Web Interface Cloud Security and prevent malware infection along with many other protective features.


The antivirus and security software that can be found in this category are integrated with such technologies that have the competence of providing comprehensive protection. You can get Mobile device management module, protection against viruses, adware, spyware, and other threats.


MailScan by eScan helps in giving protection against virus, Trojan, worm, and other information security threats. It also safeguards your system from spam and phishing emails.

How to Buy the Right eScan Antivirus & Security Software


Every other software features different aspects. Thus, it is necessary to figure out the purpose of having one. Is it is for home use or business use? How big is your enterprise? Is it for small business or big? Figure out these things before buying the one.


What are the features that the product is offering? Is it providing complete protection against all the threats or not?

Test & Trial:

Every antivirus comes with a certain trail period. You can utilize the free offer and can check out whether the product is working for you or not before buying it.

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