Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker Price List

Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker Price List In India

Latest Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker ModelsPrice
Russell Hobbs RCM2014i Filter Coffee MakerRs. 4,046
Russell Hobbs RCG110 Coffee MakerRs. 1,796
Russell Hobbs RCM800E 4 Cups Coffee MakerRs. 3,350
Russell Hobbs RCM1 Coffee MakerRs. 1,046
Russell Hobbs RCM60 Coffee MakerRs. 1,496
Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker

Russell and Hobbs is a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands that manufactures home appliances based in the United Kingdom. The array of the products they offer goes from kettles, coffee makers to food processors - essentially every other commodity commanding luxury around the modern urban kitchen. From the world’s first ever coffee percolator right up to today’s favorites – coffee makers, the brand of Russell and Hobbs has always been dominant in the art of boiling & brewing.

Check out this page on CompareRaja to differentiate between various brewing devices- be it espresso machines, grind and brew coffee makers and various types of filter coffee makers. A correct model can go a long way in brewing a perfect cup for a perfect start to your day.

5 Reasons to buy Russell and Hobbs Coffee Makers
  1. Innovative shower-head technology to increase efficiency of usage of coffee.
  2. Adjustable number of cups dispensed.
  3. Comes with a choice of carafes, meaning coffee can be stored warm for longer.
  4. Improvements in faster attainment of optimum brewing temperature.
  5. Sleek and stylish designs, with textures to suit both exuberant kitchens or tidy workplaces
Various Coffee Makers available
  • Grind and Brew Coffee Maker:  These one-pot coffee makers efficiently grind coffee beans to the desired powder size and then brew them to perfection. These come with an adjustable digital grinder for variable powder dimensions from very fine to very coarse, with a choice of strength - intense, moderate or mild as per the user’s preference. 
  • Espresso Maker: This goes well with either coffee grounds or espresso coffee pods to make the perfect espresso, latte, and cappuccino.
  • Thermal Coffee Makers: These come with thermal carafes which enable the users to carry the coffee warmer for a longer time. They also come with removable filter holders and programmable timers that take care of brewing time for the inexperienced brewers.
  • Black Coffee Maker: Like the world’s first ever electric coffee maker designed by Russell and Hobbs, these come with a unique ‘keep warm’ function that ensures that each cup is just as hot as the last. There is also a ‘pause and pour’ option to start serving coffee while it’s still filtering without having to stop the process each time.
 How to buy the right Coffee Maker

A. Method of preparation : It is essential to know just what one needs from the product. If one wishes to simply grind coffee beans to be brewed later in a kettle, coffee grinders are preferable, just as simple coffee makers are suited for those who buy instant coffee powders. Where a one-pot preparation is desirable, grind and brew coffee makers work well. Also, depending on the type of preparation- be it espresso, black coffee or simple filter coffee, the choice of a coffee maker can be made.

B. Capacity : Most coffee makers come with a capacity of 1.25L to 1.8L, with a variable choice of 2-14 cups of coffee dispensed. Hence, depending on whether the coffee is intended for a small family or a workplace with several people, the capacity of the appliance can vary.

C. Style and appearance : The design of the appliance can be selected depending on where it is going to be used. Stylish and bright colored models would go well with lively kitchens, while sleek and sober designs could be selected for workplaces.

Using CompareRaja

Where designs and features offered are as plentiful as those offered by Russell and Hobbs, heading to CompareRaja can be an enormous help before your actual online purchase process. You can browse through all models available and learn in detail about each function and feature, and make comparisons on the economic aspects before picking the perfect appliance for your home or office.