Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Price List

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Price List In India

Latest Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker ModelsPrice
Hamilton Beach 48465 Coffee MakerRs. 7,450
Hamilton Beach 40911 Tea MakerRs. 27,631
Hamilton Beach 49970 Coffee MakerRs. 3,377
Hamilton Beach 48464 Coffee MakerRs. 8,789
Hamilton Beach 2 Way Brewer Mug 49980 Coffee MakerRs. 13,410
Hamilton Beach Scoop Coil 49981 Coffee MakerRs. 3,800
Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Brands Inc. is a manufacturer of home appliances based in the United States. Their product spectrum, going from drink mixers to coffee makers, from deep-fryers to slow-cookers and popcorn makers, is popular among restaurant equipment in North America.

This page will inform you about the various coffee making appliances offered by Hamilton Beach. Here you can browse through and compare various models based on design, features, and models for further comparison on various e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Snapdeal and so on.

5 Reasons to buy Hamilton- Beach Coffee Makers

A. Cost-effectiveness and low maintenance of the coffee makers make them attractive for the working class.
B. Versatile models without unnecessary additional equipment or fancy buttons that can be appealing to those who like it simple.
C. Short brewing time that ensures a quick cup.
D. Clever designs that conserve space along with offering easy access to the coffee with minimum fuss.
E. Availability with varied cup sizes in a single machine.

Various coffee makers available
  • Removable reservoir coffee makers: Hamilton Beach offers a unique feature of removable side water reservoirs with good storage capacity. These ensure easy filling of water without spilling or fuss which has to be done only periodically and not on every occasion.
  • Carafe-free coffee makers: These provide a quick, instant serve, without the hassle of further transfer from carafe to cup. Variable serve quantities and innovative insulation ensures that when multiple cups are being filled one after the other, each cup is as hot and fresh as the last.
  • 2-way brewers and coffee makers: These offer a simultaneous 2-way brewing – a single cup on one side and a 12 cup glass carafe on the other, the former for instant coffee, the latter for a later drink.
  • Pod coffee makers: These brew coffee from coffee pods rather than coffee grounds for a customized cup of coffee. They come with dark roast, medium roast or decaffeinated options.
  • Percolators: These brew coffee through a continual recycle of boiling water or boiling coffee through ground coffee beans until the desired flavor is reached. Hamilton Beach percolators come with a stainless steel light ready-to-serve, and automatic keep warm design.
  • FlexBrew Coffee makers: These offer flexibility in brewing - be it the choice of strength from regular to bold or the use of single-serve packs or personalized ground coffee.
Factors determining choice of coffee maker

A. Usage
Depending on whether the coffee is desired for instant consumption, later use or both, coffee makers with or without carafes or 2-way brewers can be selected

B. Flavor
For those who prefer to roast their own coffee as per personal taste or prefer a good decaf, pod coffee makers could serve a great option.

C. Aroma
Those who like an old-fashioned fresh aromatic coffee the fragrance of which has been well preserved, percolators can make for a good choice.

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