Orpat Chopper And Blender Price List

Orpat Chopper And Blender Price List In India

Latest Orpat Chopper And Blender ModelsPrice
Orpat HHB 157E EC 250 W Hand Blender with ChopperRs. 1,599
Orpat HHB 157 WOB 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 870
Orpat HHB 107E WOB 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 829
Orpat 117 E 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,178
Orpat HHB 137E 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 908
Orpat HHB 157 E 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 877
Orpat OHM 217 200W Hand MixerRs. 1,025
Orpat Hhb 107 E Sb Apricoat 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 849
Orpat OHM 207 150 Watt Hand MixerRs. 880
Orpat HHB 100E WOB 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 640
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