Bajaj Chopper And Blender Price List

Bajaj Chopper And Blender Price List In India

Latest Bajaj Chopper And Blender ModelsPrice
Bajaj HC01 Horizontal ChopperRs. 1,199
Bajaj HB11 300 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,395
Bajaj Majesty HB10 300 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,209
Bajaj Majesty HB05 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,284
Bajaj HB12 300 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,749
Bajaj Silenico 500 W Hand BlenderRs. 3,299
Bajaj Platini PX89H 600 W Hand BlenderRs. 2,590
Bajaj HB09 300 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,895
Bajaj HB06 300 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,418
Bajaj Platini PX90H 400 W Hand BlenderRs. 2,390
Bajaj Chopper & Blender Prices 2017

The invention of chopper & blender has incredibly eased out the efforts that you would have to put in while cooking. This appliance comes in a compact size and offers comfortable usage. However, before purchasing any appliance, you would surely care about the brand. And, needless to say, Bajaj is one of the most admired brands in the domain of home and kitchen appliances. On this page, you can go through a wide range of Bajaj Chopper & Blenders.

Purchase Chopper & Blender Online

When it comes to shopping, then a majority of people prefer purchasing goods from the online stores. By taking care of customer’s comfort zone, these e-stores have become successful in tempting more and more people. By searching from a huge collection of different models, you can make your final decision after weighing up the pros and cons. Moreover, you can also choose COD. So, once you have received the product, only then make the payment.

Why Choose Bajaj?

Established in 1938, Bajaj Electrical is known for offering qualitative products to homemakers. No matter what your demand is, Bajaj electrical knows how to fulfill it. When it comes to chopper & blender, this brand obviously has to offer a huge collection, matching the needs and requirements of every individual out there.

Compare Features

No matter what you are purchasing, if you are investing your money in a certain product, then you would surely expect reliability and durability in return. However, there are certain features that you would have to compare as well. Features like mixing, pureeing, chopping, the material of the blade, power consumption, etc. should be checked properly before purchasing any model of chopper & blender.

Compare Cost

Your favourite blender and chopper can have excellent features but it should also fit in your budget. And, for that, you must compare the prices from different e-stores. These online shopping portals offer deals and discount offers from time-to-time. Hence, you can easily save along as well.

CompareRaja for the Best Deals

CompareRaja is one such website that allows you to compare up to four products on the same page. Whether you want to compare features or prices, this website will help you at every step. CompareRaja provides you with updated information regarding deals and offers so as to make the shopping experience happier and easier for you.