Choppers & Blender Price List in India

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    Bajaj Presto XL Chopper
    from Rs. 1,135 (2 stores)
    135 Ratings

    • Type: Hand Blender With C...
    • Mixing : Yes
    • Pureeing : Yes
    • Chopping: Yes

Chopper And Blender Price List

Latest Choppers And BlendersPrice
Westinghoue BS30W4P-CH Hand BlenderRs. 2,849
Oreva OCH-100 Mini ChopperRs. 995
Oreva OHB-200P Hand BlenderRs. 880
Oreva OHB-200S Hand BlenderRs. 950
Farm Hot FE-7701 350 W Hand BlenderRs. 825
Farm Hot FE-7702 350 W Hand Blender With ChopperRs. 825
Glen GL 4049 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,195
Westinghouse WBL10GA BlenderRs. 7,336
Westinghouse WHM5WA Hand MixerRs. 2,668
Westinghouse WPB88A Personal BlenderRs. 11,719

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Cooking is an art appreciated by millions. Chopping and blending on the other hand is a task disliked by most. However, with the rise in the number of manufacturers of kitchen appliances, this section of everyday cooking process is being taken care of. People now have choppers and blenders that helps in making the otherwise a tedious job, easy and thereby leaving moms with enough time and energy to pursuit their other culinary activities in the kitchen.

A dual chopper and blender will aid the user in various tasks like grating vegetables and cheese or mincing the ingredients together. For any dish that requires fine mincing of the ingredients the work becomes much easier and faster with the use of choppers and blenders. People can use this device to chop those everyday ingredients like onions and tomatoes in a jiffy. Not to mention, without shedding any tear. The choppers and blenders have a box or a section that holds the cut vegetables and therefore while cutting onions the fumes don’t spread and thereby keeping the users safe from tears.

Often times while making the creamy toppings for cakes or muffins getting the right texture becomes a big problem. By using a blending machine one can be sure that the cream is fluffy and the texture is just perfect. The special whisking blades of the blender will ensure that all the ingredients are mixed well and have the desired consistency. These chopper-cum-blenders are usually handheld devices that offer convenience in terms of portability and storage.

The market today is seeing new kinds of choppers and blenders coming in. The latest are the battery operated ones which are easy to carry around. With cleaning becoming more and more mechanized too, the choppers and blenders are being made dishwasher friendly. The ergonomics of the appliance is being attended to, in that; the head of the appliance is made in such a way that it can be held comfortably with one hand.

The buyer has many brands to choose from. Ruling the roost in this category are brands such as Philips, Morphy Richards, Orpat, Boss, and Havells. They produce some of the finest choppers and blenders in the market. Closely following these companies in terms of popularity are Panasonic, Bajaj, Kenwood, and Prestige among others. The customer has a wide selection of brands to choose from.

The buyer needs to be sensible while finalizing the product as this appliance will be a part of the kitchen setup for a very long time and its use will be surpassed by few. The price and the additional functions that one wants must not be overlooked. Other important things to consider are durability, warranty, and guarantee as offered by the different brands. A wise purchase will go a long way in keeping the kitchen well- equipped.

No need to fret over which chopper- cum- blender to buy as will chop and blend information on all the food processors currently in the market to help buyers make an informed purchase decision and make cooking a lovely experience.