Samsung Camera Price List

Samsung Camera Price List In India

Latest Samsung Camera ModelsPrice
Samsung NX miniRs. 72,600
Samsung WB1100FRs. 70,492
Samsung WB50FRs. 54,042
Samsung WB350FRs. 39,999
Samsung WB35FRs. 54,292
Samsung WB2200FRs. 71,472
Samsung NX2000Rs. 78,610
Samsung NX300 mirrorlessRs. 64,790
Samsung PL120Rs. 45,358
Samsung WB30FRs. 57,532

Samsung Camera prices 2017

With camera phones becoming increasingly popular, most people have lost the zeal for a perfect capture. However for those who still can spot the difference between a phone camera and a point-and-shoot camera, this page has all the listings of various point-and-shoot cameras from Samsung. Taken from the credible listing of e-commerce platforms like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, etc., the pricing is regularly updated to ensure customers get the perfect buy.

How to buy the best camera online?

Point-and-shoot cameras can have features that can be confusing to an amateur buyer. However, it is important to compare the various characteristics of the camera to get the right one for your need. From ISO to megapixels and sensor size, all the features must be looked into before making the purchase.

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Some of the essential things that you should consider while buying a camera should be:

ISO range:This is an indicator of the sensitivity of the camera lens to light. Ideally, the ISO number should be high (a range of 100 – 1650 is good enough)

Shutter speed: This is an indicator of the exposure of the lens to the environment. A high shutter speed (up to 60 milisec) is ideal for exceptional picture quality

Focal length: This is again a lens characteristic that is essential for superior images

Megapixels: The higher the megapixels, better the image quality

Cameras Price Comparison

Of course, the cost factor should not be ignored, and you should compare prices across all brands carefully. While the camera prices may vary quite a bit since the price depends a lot on the features that the camera is packed with. However, once you have shortlisted a few models, it is important to compare their current prices to ensure you are paying the lowest possible price for that particular product.

Why Samsung cameras?

Samsung is a South Korean corporation known for manufacturing some of the most technologically advanced electronics at amazing prices. Being in the electronic industry since the 1960’s, they have some of the best cameras at their disposal to lure the customers. From the basic ES series to the expensive Galaxy and NX series, Samsung has it all when it comes to quality point-and-shoot cameras.

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