Pentax Camera Price List

If you’re looking for a camera that will remain your steadfast companion on all your photographic adventures, then you can blindly opt for Pentax cameras. The Asahi Optical Company of Japan manufactures the efficient Pentax line of cameras, and it was the first camera to have a reflex mirror system and a pentaprism viewfinder. Heavy-duty construction that suits extreme weather conditions and compact, lightweight and easily interchangeable lenses make a Pentax DSLR the best companion for outdoor photo shoots. Shake reduction mechanism and the highest number of lenses that are APS-C sensor compatible produce crystal, clear images, every time you click with a Pentax DSLR. Take a closer look at the key specifications of the 9+ models of Pentax with accompanying images and use the updated Pentax Camera Price list to pick the perfect one for you.

Pentax Camera Price List In India

Latest Pentax Camera ModelsPrice
Pentax ZX-30 Body OnlyRs. 26,884
Pentax K-3 II Camera with 18-135 mm lensRs. 117,000
Pentax K 3 CameraRs. 82,000
Pentax K 50 Camera with 18-55 mm lensRs. 42,799
Pentax K 50 Body OnlyRs. 79,092
Pentax K 5 II CameraRs. 76,995
Pentax Camera prices 2017
This page contains all the Pentax point-and-shoot cameras, DSLRS and camera lenses. The price information and the other details are carefully curated from the leading e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and others. What you get is the best price of the particular model without having to visit the sites individually.

How to buy the best cameras online?
There are so many technicalities that go into the making of a good camera that customers tend to get befuddled. Of course, not all of these features need to be memorised by heart, even if you take your photography skills very seriously. All you need to know is the resolution, the ISO range and the shutter speed. These features are mostly enough to pick out the best from the rest!

Cameras Comparison
There is a diverse range of cameras in various price brackets, starting with the very basic Point & Shoot camera to the high-end digital SLRs. The features of a point and shoot camera are good enough for beginners who like to dabble with their camera casually and are not into serious photography. However, for the professionals, digital SLR may be the right choice. Once you know your requirements and budget, choosing from a range of models becomes easier when you make a quick comparison online.

Camera Price Comparison
One of the key aspects of buying the right camera is to compare the prices of different models on various e-commerce portals. While the prices are usually competitive, sometimes you may end up saving a few bucks or may get better features at the same price by making a quick price comparison of the few shortlisted models.

Why Pentax cameras?
Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Pentax is the brand name used by Asahi Corporation for their cameras and other optical equipment. Pentax deals with mostly SLRs that have a rugged body along with some exceptional features. Priced competitively, these cameras are built to last a lifetime and make your memories crystal clear. Apart from the high-end SLRs, Pentax also offers some affordable point-and-shoot cameras.

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So, if you want some brilliant pictures of your next trip abroad, get yourself one of the amazing digital SLRs from Pentax. Experience the very edge of technology with a Pentax. You will never settle for anything less! Get an edge over your friends by logging on to CompareRaja and comparing hundreds of models before you buy. And from the shortlisted ones, compare four products at a time to get to the right decision.

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