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Our comparison section lets you sort and compare used cars based on various parameters like Budget, Manufacturer, Body Type, Colour, No. of Owners, No. of Years, Kilometers Driven, Fuel Type, Transmission, etc. Visitors can apply the desired filters and select/shortlist the car that best fits their requirement.  The above listing consists of used or second-hand cars from manufacturers like Tata, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda, Fiat, Ford, Mahindra, Skoda, Volkswagen and much more. The listing is fetched from top used car dealers in India.  Decided to buy a used car finally!! It's a wise decision so set aside those apprehensions and take efforts in the right direction before you shortlist a car of your choice. For starters, you could go through our Used Car Buying Guide and get a fair idea of how to begin. Yes, we agree you must have already begun studying, reviewing and even comparing used cars but it has to be done in the right way and here’s how it goes -

Why are you purchasing a used car?

Well, the answer to this could be quite obvious i.e. for convenience in self-travel to work, for shopping for family, leisure and long distance journeys, and so on. This could bring about to the next question i.e., -

Which car should you go for?

For those of you who primarily stay in the city and would have frequent trips on city roads a small car or a hatchback would suffice. But if your trips could extend to long-distance destinations, then opting for an SUV or an MUV would be a wise decision. At the same time, do pay attention to ensure all your family members can be accommodated comfortably in the car.

From whom should you buy the used car from?

There are plenty of channels from where used cars can be purchased – print ads, pre–owned car dealers, brokers, websites selling used cars online and so on. You can approach any of them but make sure you interact with the owner of the car before making the final decision related to the car.

How should you pay for the used car?

Well, there are financial institutions that offer loans to buy used cars but at a slightly higher rate. So, check the rates of interest charged by them before you go ahead with a used car loan or go for a loan against your bank deposits or fixed assets to buy a used car. Also, check the entire costing of the car inclusive of interest charges and other miscellaneous charges before going ahead. Also, remember that shortly you will be spending more on the car, including the loan EMI , car fuel, car insurance and its overall maintenance.

Top 5 things to consider while buying a used car

It’s about time you get proactive and begin to see and inspect the shortlisted used car at their location. At the same time, you should keep in mind the following parameters - Physical Inspection of the Car – A thorough minute inspection of the car is very critical and a major criteria. Also, keep a check list handy and make sure you keep ticking off the areas checked in the list and also note down your ratings as per the checklist for further discussion or clarity.

Your basic heck list could be similar to this one -

  • Ease in entering and getting out of the car.
  • Enough headroom/legroom/hip room
  • Comfortable driving seat
  • Rearview Mirrors/Side view Mirrors
  • Condition of brakes/steering wheels/seats/ lights/air conditioner
  • Condition of Car interiors and exteriors
  • Foul odour or smell
  • Condition of the tyre

For this, you need to get in the car and run a thorough check. Post this; it is advisable to drive the car.

Test Drive the Car- if you are going to be the future owner of the car, you do need to check it out by driving it. Make sure you start the ignition with a cold engine so that you can feel as well as hear the engine rev up to life. Be alert enough to capture odd noises or sounds emitted, if any. This could be a clear indicator of trouble in the engine or transmission.

History of the car -This point is extremely important to ascertain the condition and the performance of the car. For this, you could check out its service centre and history of services, if maintained in order well and good. Also, check out the certification of the car, the extent of refurbishment and warranties if on offer. Try to avoid modified cars, cars with low mileage, modified cars, repainted cars, discontinued car models and in general unpopular cars to avoid service hassles in the long run.

Papers of the Car - In detail, look out for the insurance papers, the original invoice of the car, No Objection Certificate from the finance company, road tax receipts, PUC Certificate and details filled therein, especially the No Claim Bonus and its percentage. Also, match the engine number and chassis number in the car with those mentioned in the papers.

Third party review of the car - If possible take along someone who knows more about a car than you – a family member or a friend or even an experienced car mechanic. Make sure you do your test drive on busy roads, narrow lanes, highways and more, to get the feel of the car and its performance preferably at day time

Negotiate and Finalise the Deal - Negotiate on the final price of the car and the brokerage too. Make sure you have all the commitments made by the dealers/ sellers in WRITING including the delivery of the duplicate car key.

Five useful tips to compare & buy a used car

Browse and Compare - Before you buy a used car, compare and review as many used cars that fit into your criteria.

Clear Papers - Make sure if the car papers are in perfect order. Then you can give a second thought of buying that particular used car.

Written Purchase Deal and Warranty - If a warranty is offered on the car, make sure you get it in writing with the clear terms and condition as promise. Oral promises and negotiations are not accepted in the used car deal.

Shop from a Certified Dealer/Seller - Choose to buy the used car from a reputed dealer or seller of used cars who has been reviewed well by your family members or friends.

Full Service of the Car & Actual Delivery - Always insist on complete service of the car – with oils, fluids and belts changed and checked. Also when taking delivery of the car along with the duplicate key, make a note of time and date along with the reading of the odometer.