Rossmax BP Monitor Price List

Rossmax BP Monitor Price List In India

Latest Rossmax BP Monitor ModelsPrice
Rossmax X1 Upper Arm BP MonitorRs. 1,200
Rossmax X3 Upper Arm Bp MonitorRs. 2,550
Rossmax GD102 Bp MonitorRs. 1,395
Rossmax GD 101 Bp MonitorRs. 1,241
Rossmax AD761 Upper Arm Bp MonitorRs. 3,393
Rossmax AC701 kCA Bp MonitorRs. 3,239
Rossmax CH155f Bp MonitorRs. 1,400
Rossmax AU941f Bp MonitorRs. 2,000
Rossmax AK101 f Bp MonitorRs. 1,307
Rossmax MJ701F with Adapter Bp MonitorRs. 2,040
Rossmax BP Monitor Prices 2017

Rossmax, founded in 1988 is one of the prominent healthcare companies dealing in the global market. The only aim of the company is to provide premium products and solutions that are integrated with prior technologies with high-quality. They deal in three different domains, such as Prevention, Therapy, and Monitoring. Right from the products for fitness, hypertension, wound healing, obesity, etc., you can get anything and everything from the basket of Rossmax. As far as the BP Monitors are concerned, then you surely have a lot of models in front of you.

This page lets you go through an extensive collection of different models of BP Monitor by Rossmax. There is also an option to refine your search as per the price and user ratings. Also, you can even compare the features as well as prices of different models taken straight from the leading e-commerce sites, such as Flipkart, ShopClues, Amazon, etc.

5 Reasons to Buy Rossmax BP Monitor
  • First ever company to introduce Wrist BP monitors.
  • The models are integrated with high-end technology.
  • The products are easy to use and offer accurate results.
  • Brand name and integrity of various years.
  • The customer support is prompt and reliable.
Different Types of Rossmax BP Monitor Models

When it comes to healthcare products, then everybody looks out for the one which is not only safe but quick in results as well. Thus, here are few models offered by Rossmax in the category of BP Monitor.
  • PARR Technology: There are various types that you can grab under PARR technology, such as PAAR PRO technology, PARR Automatic, etc. These monitors offer arrhythmia detection, premature contraction detection, bradycardia detection, hypertension risk indication, backlight LCD, and many other features.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Technology: These are automatic BP Monitoring Devices and offer cuff detection, hypertension risk indication, movement detection, irregular heartbeat detection, one-touch automatic operation, large LCD screen, 120 memories, and other unusual aspects.
  • “DK” Delux Automatic: These monitors are designed by using Digital Korotkoff technology. The features that these monitors have to offer are hypertension risk indication, irregular heartbeat detection, an average of last three readings, 120 memories for two users, one-touch automatic operation, etc.
  • Talking Automatic: These monitors contain talking function that makes it easier for you to operate them. These are integrated with real fuzzy technology. They offer movement detection, cuff detection, irregular heartbeat detection, and some other features.
  • Automatic Wrist BP Monitor: These are easy to use and efficient as well. Equipped with smart sense technology, these monitors offer hypertension risk indication, 90 memories, irregular heartbeat detection, and one-touch automatic operation.
  • GA Series: This series is the patented series of Rossmax Sphygmomanometer. There is a built-in alert feature in it and has shock and splash resistance. It has pulse rate display and carries a durable design.
  • GB Series: This series contains 300 mmHg no-pin stop manometer. It has chrome-plate brass. It has latex-free cuffs. And there is also an optional stethoscope along with it.
How to Purchase the Right Rossmax BP Monitor?
  • Cuff Size: Check out the type of cuff you want to have in your BP monitoring system. Should it have an arm cuff or cuff? If you want to adapt to new methods of technology, then you can go for an automatic Wrist BP Monitor; otherwise, you can check from the other long list of models available.
  • Budget: What is your budget? Everything depends on the limit set by you. If your budget is small, then you can choose anyone from GA or GB Series. On the other hand, if you don’t care much about the budget, then go for the automatic series.
  • Skill Involved: If you have a good idea and are trained to take a BP test, you could go for the analogue GB series or GA series but you will also need to invest in a stethoscope. If you are an amateur, the Talking automatic ones are great as they can indicate if the fit is not right or if there is any irregular heartbeat.
  • Purpose: If your purpose is just to monitor BP, go for the simple digital blood pressure monitor. However, if this machine is for a heart patient, go for one that also monitors hypertension risks, pulse, and more.
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