Panasonic BP Monitor Price List

Panasonic BP Monitor Price List In India

Latest Panasonic BP Monitor ModelsPrice
Panasonic EW3901S Upper Arm BP MonitorsRs. 7,469
Panasonic EW3109W Upper Arm BP MonitorRs. 6,989
Panasonic EW 3106 Bp MonitorRs. 2,599
Panasonic EW 3006S Wrist Bp MonitorRs. 3,049
Panasonic BP Monitors Prices 2017

While Panasonic is popular as a brand that manufactures an extensive range of home appliances, it also offers several personal care products, like BP monitors. By combining the best of healthcare technology and reasonable price tag, the BP monitors from Panasonic are a perfect pick for every person who needs to monitor their blood pressure with utmost accuracy and ease.

This page will allow you to select the right Panasonic BP monitor. By allowing you to make a side-by-side comparison of up to four products, CompareRaja makes it easier for the buyers to understand the differences between the products and select one which fits their needs and budget. Buyers can also filter products according to price range and user ratings. Not only this, but the platform also helps you to buy the Panasonic BP monitor at the best online price.

5 Reasons to Buy Panasonic BP Monitor:
  • World-renowned Japanese manufacturing technology
  • Compact and long-lasting build
  • Easy to Use Products offering accurate readings
  • Almost 100 years of experience in manufacturing best quality electronics and appliances.
  • Several options to choose from
Types of BP Monitors by Panasonic:
  • BP Monitor with Upper Arm Cuff - The standard BP monitors from Panasonic come with a digital display and adjustable upper arm cuff. Their display feature coloured trend graph and can accommodate more than 200 readings.
  • Portable Wrist BP Monitor - Unlike upper arm monitors, the wrist-type monitors requires you to wrap the cuff around your wrist. They come with digital displays and a host of advanced features which are very easy to use.
  • Ultra Portable Upper Arm BP Monitor - The major difference between the ultra-portable BP monitors and others is the difference in the display size. They have slim, compact display, making it easier for you to carry your BP monitor.
Buying the Right Panasonic BP Monitor:

Consider the factors mentioned below to buy the right Panasonic BP monitor-
  • Cuff Size - Make sure that you select the right cuff size for your BP monitor as inaccurate readings are very common if the cuff fails to wrap your arm firmly. Also, ensure that you read the instructions carefully to wrap your arm for accurate readings correctly.
  • Portability - If you are required to measure your blood pressure several times in a day, a portable or ultra portable model would be a better choice as they are much easier to carry as compared to standard upper arm models.
  • Additional Features - Apart from the standard features, the BP monitors offered by Panasonic have additional features like Digital Filter Technology, more than 200 reading memory, etc. Understand these features before making a decision.
Comparing Panasonic BP Monitors with CompareRaja

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