Omron BP Monitor Price List

Omron BP Monitor Price List In India

Latest Omron BP Monitor ModelsPrice
Omron HEM-CR24 BP MonitorRs. 500
Omron HEM 7111 BP MonitorRs. 2,500
Omron OM-6 BP MonitorRs. 2,200
Omron HEM-432C Manual Inflation BP MonitorRs. 5,021
Omron HBP-9020 BP MonitorRs. 150,000
Omron HBP 1300 BP MonitorRs. 8,800
Omron HBP 1100 BP MonitorRs. 9,999
Omron HEM 7270 BP MonitorRs. 3,139
Omron HEM 7124 BP MonitorRs. 1,489
Omron HEM 7117 AP3 JPN2 BP MonitorRs. 2,100
Omron BP Monitor Prices 2017

Founded in the year 1933 in Japan, Omron is a renowned electronics company. Omron Healthcare is a subsidiary of the company which manufactures an extensive range of products, like digital thermometers, nebulisers, blood pressure monitors, pedometers and a lot more. If you are looking to buy an advanced BP monitor at a reasonable price, Omron is a brand that you should surely consider.

This CompareRaja page will help you select the right Omron BP monitor. You can check the price, features and customer rating of each product and even use the side-by-side comparison feature to narrow down the options and select a BP monitor which suits your requirement and budget. Moreover, CompareRaja also allows you to buy the selected product at the best online price by providing updated price list from several renowned online platforms, like Amazon, Flipkart, ShopClues, and much more.

5 Reasons to Buy Omron BP Monitor
  • World-renowned Japanese manufacturing technology.
  • Intelli Wrap Cuff technology used to ensure accurate results every time.
  • Several options to choose from.
  • Easy to use Products.
  • Durable products built to last long.
Types of BP Monitors by Omron
  • Standard BP Monitors - The standard BP monitors offered by Omron come with an arm cuff and display panel. These units are portable, easy-to-use and can detect hypertension as well as an irregular heartbeat.
  • Wrist BP Monitors - Unlike the standard units, the wrist-type BP monitors come with a cuff which needs to be wrapped around your wrist and not your upper arm. These monitors also come with digital display and easy controls.
  • BP Monitors with Smartphone Integration - The latest range of BP monitors from Omron can be connected to a smartphone for checking the readings of the monitor, averages and history graphs. Moreover, the data collected by the mobile app can also be sent through email.
Buying the Right Omron BP Monitor
  • Fit- Make sure that you select a BP monitor whose cuff comfortably wraps your upper arm or wrist. If the cuff is of the wrong size, it can result in inaccurate readings. Many of the monitors now come with adjustable cuffs to easily fit most people.
  • User- Friendliness- The BP monitor you select should be easy to use. The readings on display should be easily visible, and the buttons should be intuitive and easy to press. Moreover, it should come with detailed instructions on using the monitor.
  • Additional Features- BP monitors from Omron come with several different features, making them an important selection criterion. You can go for a unit with multiple user memories, mobile connectivity, memory download, data averaging, etc.
Comparing Omron BP Monitor with CompareRaja

With the help of the filters and side-by-side comparison, CompareRaja ensures that you can easily and quickly select an Omron BP monitor. Once you have selected the product, choose a deal from the available options to make sure that you buy the chosen monitor at the best online price and from reputed online sellers.