BP Monitor Price List in India

BP Monitor Price List

Latest BP MonitorsPrice
Dr Morepen BP-16 BP MonitorRs. 699
Operon B13 BP MonitorRs. 1,099
Operon B26 BP MonitorRs. 899
Operon B57D BP MonitorRs. 699
Smart Care LD-572 BP MonitorRs. 1,600
Perfecxa B25 BP MonitorRs. 1,200
Perfecxa MC100f BP MonitorRs. 1,550
Pyle PHBPB20 BP MonitorRs. 4,780
Optima U80B BP MonitorRs. 1,399
Ozeri BP2M BP MonitorRs. 6,196

List of BP Monitor Brands

Diamond BP Monitors| Smart Care BP Monitors| Citizen BP Monitors| AND BP Monitors| Beurer BP Monitors| Healthgenie BP Monitors| Hicks BP Monitors| HealthSense BP Monitors| Operon BP Monitors| Vital BP Monitors| BPL BP Monitors| Bremed BP Monitors| MCP BP Monitors| Microlife BP Monitors| Dr. Gene BP Monitors| LifeSource BP Monitors| Romsons BP Monitors| Arkray BP Monitors| EasyCare BP Monitors| Scure BP Monitors|View All

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Blood Pressure is one of the most common health problems faced by many people around the globe. It is one of those illnesses that require constant care, people suffering with the problem need to monitor their blood pressure levels at regular intervals. Although, most people prefer to check the pressure to be check during their visit to the doctors, it is best advised to have a BP monitor device at home. These devices provide are digitally operated and provide accurate results.

In terms of position, blood pressure monitors are available as wrist units or arm units. The wrist and arm units are very portable and handy; moreover, they are also good in providing accurate readings. As compared to wrist units, the arm units produce far more accurate results.

While searching for a good blood pressure monitor, users typically come across big brands known for offering high quality medical check-up devices. Some of the most popular brands of BP monitors are Omron, Arkray, Dr. Morepen, A&D Medical, Bremed, Diamond, Dr. Gene, Equinox etc. The demand for the blood pressure monitors generally vary due to the characteristics and features that are available in different blood pressure monitors.

Some hot selling blood pressure monitors are Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7121, Regular; Niscomed Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor PW-213, Regular; Omron Blood Pressure Monitor-HEM-7130-IN, Regular; Rossmax Digital Blood Pressure Monitor -Wrist (S150), Regular etc. For people looking to buy automatic blood pressure monitor device, it is better to buy a device that comes with a large LCD display and heartbeat indicator. One of the most popular brands offering automatic blood pressure monitor device is the Dr. Moepen. The different models offered by the brands are rated as the best and the most affordable device in almost all the major online stores.

Buying decisions for blood pressure monitors are generally influenced by the features available on them. One of the most popular features in the blood pressure monitors is the multiple user memory features. This feature allows the users to keep a track of their previous readings for different members in the family so that users can refer to the previous reading and see the difference in the blood pressure level as per the current reading. Today, there are thousands of blood pressure monitors, but there are some models that are better than the other in terms of accuracy of results as well as the features. These advanced blood pressure monitors can be connected to smartphones and blood pressure can be measured with a touch of a button. The Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is one such smart blood pressure monitor that works in sync with iPhones, iPads and even iPod Touch.

Before selecting the best blood pressure monitor, it is vital to consider some key aspects such as accuracy of the blood pressure monitor, warranty of product, ease of use, power consumption etc. Price should never be the only consideration for the selection of the blood pressure measuring device.

Comparison websites such as compareraja gives users a fair idea of the price range in the same category of blood pressure monitors. Compareraja will provide users with discount coupons that can be used to avail discount on their purchase.