Your smartphone is a lot smarter than you think

Your smartphone is a lot smarter than you think

Your smartphone is a lot smarter than you think

by November 16, 2014

We use our smartphones for texting, surfing the net, mailing, chatting and a whole lot more. However, your phone has a few secrets that are simply waiting to be discovered. With thousands of apps in the market, you might think you got the coolest ones but you might just have missed a few interesting ones. Here are a few of the amazing things you could do with your smartphone


Operate your television with your phone

Yes, you heard that right. Believe it or not, you can switch through channels with your phone. Using your phone like a remote control, you can even control your DVR and your computer. You could make an impression when you use your phone to control a PowerPoint presentation during a business meeting.


Spy on someone

Are you suspicious about your child’s whereabouts? It is probably a good idea to download an app like Find My iPhone or any other which allows you to track another smartphone with the help of GPS tracking. Some apps even give you a notification when a phone leaves or arrives at a certain location.


Keep a check on your heart

Instant Heart Rate is an app that allows you to measure your heart with the help of your smartphones camera. It gives a relatively accurate reading and also functions quickly.


Don’t drink and call

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have had one too many drinks and end up calling up people to give them a piece of your mind? It could land you in a world of trouble. However, there is an app to your rescue. The Designated Dialer app allows you to lock yourself out of your smartphone. You would need to pass a sobriety test in order to unlock your phone.

Scan on the go

The next time you need an urgent scan copy, don’t go rushing to the nearest shop. Simply download an app that allows you to scan documents by simply taking a picture and converting it into a PDF. It puts your powerful camera to use and gives you crisp images with brilliant clarity.

Find out what it is

Very often we see something and simply can’t remember what it is called. The name is probably at the tip of your tongue and you just can’t seem to remember. It could also be that you found something interesting and you want to know more about it. The Google Goggles app allows you to simply take a picture of the product that has you baffled and Google will search its database to provide you with information on the product. You can even take a picture of foreign text and have it translated for you with this app.

Road safety monitor

While a mobile phone is mostly a driving hazard, The Trapster is an app on your smartphone that can make driving a lot safer. It gives you information about all kinds of road hazards, signals, speed traps and potential danger. It will also help monitor the speed of your vehicle.

Carpentry with a smartphone

Can’t find your ruler? You can simply use iHandy Carpenter app on your smartphone to take important measurements. Your phone is definitely the best tool around, changing quickly into a plumb bob, a bubble level bar, a surface level or even a protractor.

Surely, technology is proving to be a boon for us. These are just some of the fantastic thing you can do with your smartphone. There are still hundreds of other apps just waiting to be discovered by you. Go ahead and start exploring.