Your Huawei Smartphone ‘Mate’ 8 is coming soon

Your Huawei Smartphone ‘Mate’ 8 is coming soon

Your Huawei Smartphone ‘Mate’ 8 is coming soon

by November 17, 2015
huawei mate 8 price in india

It is no surprise that the rumours run thick and fast on the internet about the launch of a new smartphone but what is interesting is that, the rumours and leaks pop up every time when Huawei, the Chinese tech giant is all set to release a new smart device in the market. Yes, we are referring to the latest rumours that have been doing the rounds all over the internet about the launch of Huawei Mate 8, which is the sequel of the much popular, Mate 7 model.

The year 2015 has been quite exciting for the Chinese brand; Huawei has released a slew of amazing devices like Huawei Mate S smartphone and Huawei Watch. But, it seems the brand is going on a rampage to take the smartphone market by the storm and is planning to release yet another veritable monster phablet, the Mate 8. Read on to know what this new smart device holds in store for you.

November 26 Event Teaser

After the launch of Huawei Mate S in September, things were quiet about Mate 8 but since the start of November, the rumours are back and are flowing thick and fast. According Mobile Dad, a Chinese blog, Huawei is in full swing, teasing about the 26th November 2015 event, which could mark the launch of the much awaited and the long anticipated Mate 8. The Teaser image (see above) shows a huge figure 8, stating the return of the Mate model.


huawei mate 8 release date


From the first looks of Mate 8, it is quite evident that the new phone has a striking resemblance to its predecessor Mate 7, which was released in 2014. If you take a closer look at the Mate 8 design, it has thin bezels on the front, a flash light unit above the front facing camera and a large fingerprint sensor on the rear side. Although, the device has a very appealing design, there is no official word or image on how the phone is going to look, so the final design may be completely different.

High Specs, Premium Body

huawei mate 8 specs


According to new leaks, the new Mate 8 is all set to feature a full metal body that lends it a premium look. The hardware features, according to the leaks, sounds even more exciting. The phone is supposed to feature a massive 20.7 MP Sony sensor rear camera, 4 GB RAM and Kirin 950, Huawei’s in house processor having eight CPU cores. This in-house processor is said to match the performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor according to the sources. The phone also features a fingerprint sensor and has the capacity to support Cat.6 LET service.

huawei mate 8 price


In an another rumour report, Huawei is set to release two editions of Mate 8 – one with 64 GB internal memory capacity and 4 GB RAM and another version that features 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. The leaks also add that both the variants will have 8 MP front facing camera.

UI and Price

huawei mate 8


While there have been rumours and leaks about almost each aspect of the phone, certain things are yet unknown like the UI and the price. It is likely that the new Mate will run on Emotion UI, the latest iteration of Huawei. However, as of now nothing can be said about what changes Huawei has made to its Emotion UI from its previous iteration, UI 3.0.

As far as the pricing is concerned, the Ascend Mate is sold in the UK for 399 Pounds so don’t expect the Mate 8 to be low-priced as it is definitely going to be a better phone in terms of features and specs.