Your Android Smartphone to Get Smarter with ‘Portana’

Your Android Smartphone to Get Smarter with ‘Portana’

Your Android Smartphone to Get Smarter with ‘Portana’

by April 23, 2015
portana for android phone

Artificial Intelligence is the name of the game and Windows has played it well. In Cortana, Windows has made a remarkable personal voice assist that does everything from taking notes to cracking a joke. Cortana which is named after a character from Microsoft’s Halo video game series is already a hit with the Windows Smartphone users with its Alpha and Beta versions, with the complete version expected to be released soon.

However, thanks to Marco Bartoli and Lorenzo Santina, two Italian hackers who go by the name OrangeSec, there is a version of Cortana available for Android named Portana. While Portana is not a fully functioning digital assistant, it still can take commands well. How were they able to do that? Well, they created Portana by utilizing Cortana Proxy with Windows servers and spoofing of DNS and SSL certificates. They have integrated some of Cortana’s features to Android using Bing’s search algorithms and returns. The duo gave a demonstration of what Portana can do at the Droidcon 2015 event held in Italy a few days back. One can view the demo on YouTube too. There are a couple of limitations to Portana. She can only speak Italian and needs a continuous internet connection to function.

OrangeSec maintains that they only wanted to show what they could do and not create any competition. The internet has been abuzz with rumors that Microsoft is looking to go multi-platform, thereby releasing Cortana for Android platform. The attempt by OrangeSec can be seen as a little trailer of what Android users may have in store if Cortana does come to Android as fully fledged software. Here is what we can expect if Cortana comes to Android

If you have a meeting to attend early in the meaning or have an important appointment to attend, you can instruct your Portana to remind you of the appointment,

portana reminder

You have a busy day ahead and too many things to attend to it is quite natural that you forget a few things. But with Portana by your side, you don’t have to worry, it will ensure that you attend to all the important things, you can simply command your Portana to schedule your daily activities for the day and it will promptly alert you.

portana scheduler

You are travelling to a new city and not sure about the weather conditions there or about the flight schedule don’t worry, just ask your personal assistant, Portana and it will give you all the information about the weather conditions of the place you are visiting and get you the latest news on flight schedule

portana weather forecast

The company based in Redmond hasn’t spoken much about the issue although a Microsoft spokesperson told VentureBeat that, “the best way to experience Cortana is as designed by Microsoft and available through Windows Phone and the Windows 10 technical preview.”

With Apple’s Siri and Android’s Google Now having a large user base already, the supposed porting of Cortana to these platforms will see a quality competition between the OS giants for customer share. For now, let’s hope that Windows releases the full version of Cortana soon and the tech firms are able to port these amazing digital assistants to different platforms effectively.