You could get lucky at the click of a button

You could get lucky at the click of a button

You could get lucky at the click of a button

by September 2, 2014

Everyone uses Google, day in and day out but still there is a high possibility you have no clue what the I’m Feeling Lucky button does. In case you missed it completely, the button is right next to the Google Search button which we use so often. Don’t fret if you haven’t used this button before, after all it’s just a click away.

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If you are using any other domain besides or in case you have turned off Google Instant then clicking on the I’m Feeling Lucky button will simply lead you to a gallery of Google Doodles. You have to admit no one creates better doodles then Google. They have doodles for every occasion, with the most interesting use of their logo. While their Google Doodles gallery will keep you entertained for hours you should turn on your Google Instant to explore the other features of the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

Simply hovering over the button on the Google homepage makes it spin before coming to rest on phrases starting with “I’m Feeling.” You can click on phrases like “I’m Feeling Stellar” or “I’m Feeling Wonderful” and be taken to new sites just waiting to be explored. It’s not only entertaining, you might just get lucky and come across something really useful. If you type some text into the Google Search and click on the I’m Feeling Lucky button you would get directed to the site that ranks first in the search result. The idea is that if you are lucky, you will be directed quickly to the website you were looking for without having to search through hundreds of other sites. It also becomes a great search tool if you know that the site you want is among the first in the Google Search. If you have Google Instant turned on, you can still experience the function of the I’m Feeling Lucky button by simply hovering your cursor over any prediction. You will see an I’m Feeling Lucky link appearing at the side of the prediction. Click the link if you are indeed feeling lucky.


The I’m Feeling Lucky button has an element of surprise to it and Google took full advantage of that in the year 2009 where clicking on the button without adding any text in the search directed people to a countdown to New Year’s Day. As if the button didn’t do enough Google has now added the button in their Flight Search as well. To use it, you need to enter your travel dates, choose your travel time and the amount you are willing to pay in the Flight Search. Once you have done that you can click the I’m Feeling Lucky button and Google will direct you to what might be the perfect travel plan. It works well for those planning a vacation but not sure where to go. You can book your tickets as soon as you find the right destination or keep looking for more options. If you haven’t clicked on the button already, do it now and get your dose of entertainment.