by October 27, 2015

If ‘Innovation’ is the name of the game, then there is only one rule: keep up. There was a time when it would take other companies at least a few years to truly understand and “inspire” (not replicate!) a design similar to the one being used by rival brands; however, the companies of today are putting so much more efforts into their R&D department that they are able to incorporate the latest technology into their smartphones. Here, the case point is the premium American Apple and its Asian counterpart Xiaomi.

Source: passivetech.com

The long awaited launch of the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus saw the users ogle and gape at some of the new features incorporated into the Smartphone. One feature in particular caught the eye of not only the consumers but also the competition – the 3D Touch like display. Before we get into how Xiaomi is incorporating the 3D touch into its smartphones, let us first understand what makes this piece of innovation so popular and promising…

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Many had asked how the 3D touch will be different from the ‘Long Press’, but folks, there is a lot that is different. For example, if you look at the iPhone 6S (or take our word for it!) you will see many options like ‘Take Selfie’, ‘Record Video’, ‘Take Photo’ and ‘Record slo-mo’ that appear when you soft tap on the camera icon. Similarly, the soft and hard taps work on multiple other apps. Not only this, 3D touch also empowers you with its Peek and Pop features. A light press on an email can help you take a peek at it without actually opening it, while a longer press will allow you to read it completely, again, without having to open it!

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Such is the awesomeness of the 3D Touch technology that according to Leaksfly, a Chinese tipster, the Beijing based Xiaomi is looking to incorporate a similar technology in its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Mi5. If the leak is to be believed, then Xiaomi has applied for a patent on a pressure sensing touch screen technology that it looks to use to boost sales of its already popular range of smartphones. Reports also suggest that it may work with the California based Synaptics to integrate its ClearForce technology into the Mi5.

Source: androidheadlines.com

Xiaomi has long been known to ape Apple but this time round, it is not alone. Supposedly, the Korean based Samsung too is looking to use the 3D touch- like display tech in its forthcoming Galaxy S7. Not further behind is OnePlus which is likely to release its OnePlus X with the same kind of technology.

Whether Xiaomi uses its in-house developed 3D touch tech in its new smartphones or partners with Synaptics remains to be seen, but until then let’s just wait and watch if the ‘Apple of China’ is able to keep the masses interested in its current products…