Xiaomi Launches The ’90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear’

Xiaomi Launches The ’90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear’

Xiaomi Launches The ’90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear’

by March 10, 2017

Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Shoes

Source: xiaomi-mi.com

Do you think Xiaomi only manufacturers smartphones? Well, you are a million miles away from reality. The company’s extensive product portfolio also includes a water purifier, HDTV, routers, video camera, rice cooker, drone and a lot more. Recently, the company added yet another innovative product to its kitty – The 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear.

The shoes will feature Intel’s Curie chip that is meant to store the fitness data in real time. Roughly priced at Rs. 2800, the shoes are currently available through MiJia, the company’s crowdfunding platform. The shipment will start from April 15th.

Xiaomi smart shoes features

Developed by Runmi Technology Co Ltd., a Shanghai-based company, the shoes are built out of foam-like material meant to offer the best level of comfort. Further adding up to the comfort and usability are air cushions, antibacterial insoles, anti-skid feature and an arch support, thereby making it a perfect choice for athletes.

For now, four colour options are available – Black and Surf Blue for men, Black and Pink for the ladies. Xiaomi will also be releasing a special ‘Blue Edition’ that glows in the dark.

The inbuilt Intel’s Curie Chip is capable of tracking your steps – the distance covered, the speed at which you move and the total number of calories you burn. On a single charge, the chip can last for around 90 days.

Xiaomi smart shoes 90 minutes

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Although highly innovative, the launch doesn’t come in as a huge surprise as the company has, in the past, launched an impressive range of ground-breaking gizmos, one of which is the Mi Drone. Priced at around 2499 Yuan, the drone has a flight range of up to 3KM and can fly for up to 27 minutes. One can control it using a remote control or a smartphone.

Lastly, if you are too frustrated breathing the impure air around you, check out the Mi Smart Air Purifier that can clean up the entire room in just 12 minutes, when set to its maximum setting. The device eliminates substances like chemicals, smoke odour and dust, thereby making the air completely fit to breathe.

With that being said, it seems like Xiaomi intends to build devices that rightly cater to each of your requirements. The smart pair of shoes is the latest addition to the list. Although several companies, in the past, have tried their hands at building smart shoes, a heavy pricing wasn’t a favourable factor. Xiaomi, with its brand new affordable product, plans to offer its fans the most comforting experience while ensuring they are rightly able to keep a tab on their fitness activities. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider giving it a try.