Xiaomi Mi Note And Xiaomi Mi Note Pro – The Flagship Phones That Will Surely Catch Your Attention

Xiaomi Mi Note And Xiaomi Mi Note Pro – The Flagship Phones That Will Surely Catch Your Attention

Xiaomi Mi Note And Xiaomi Mi Note Pro – The Flagship Phones That Will Surely Catch Your Attention

by January 16, 2015

Xiaomi mobile have been become a rage recently in the Indian market. The Chinese product has taken the Indian market by storm and has attracted a large number of consumers. Within a very short span of time it has achieved immense sales and it continues to woo the mobile users with its range of mobile phones and tablets. Adding to the line of its marvelous product line, Xiaomi has recently launched two new products a) A phablet, Xiaomi Mi Note and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

  •     Xiaomi Mi Note

    This 5.7 inch phablet is an Android powered phone that is touted to be one of the company’s flagship high-end devices. The Mi Note has 4G Capacity and is slated to be released in the Global market first mainly because of their wider bandwidth support. In India 4G is yet to become popular and therefore the device may take a little longer to gain popularity.

    While unveiling the phone, Xiaomi CEO drew comparisons between Apple’s iphone 6 and Mi Note; although the features striking resemblance to other phones in terms of design and specifications the phone is unique in its own way. The Mi Note features a curved glass both on the front as well as the rear side.

    The phone is powered by Android 4.4 KitKat and it also boasts of Xiaomi’s latest custom skin. The highlight of the phone is the software tweak that allows the users to operate with one hand simply by sliding the phone to the left or to the right on the home button. The phone is an absolute delight for people who like to click pictures of every sight they come across or they find fascinating. With a 13 MP camera on the rear, you can be sure to click amazing pictures and capture your special moments and cherish it for long. That is not all the 4 MP camera on the front is perfect for click magnificent selfie.

    The list of amazing features doesn’t end just here – inside the hood, you would find a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 3 GB Ram, 16 GB internal storage (there is another version with 64GB internal storage), 3000mAh battery and a full 1920 x 1080 pixels H.D. display.

  • Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

    On the first look, the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro looks pretty similar to the Mi Note. The phone features uses a dual glass design, it has a 2.5 D front glass and a 3D glass on the rear end. One of the striking differences between the Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro is its 5.7” display screen with better optimum clarity. This makes watching videos, playing games and browsing more comfortable and provides a better navigation experience. Not to mention, the display is easy on the eye and doesn’t cause strain even while using the phone for long hours.

    In terms of the technical specifications the Mi Note Pro scores higher than the Mi Note. The Phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, which is known to be the best chipset available in the market till date. The best chipset is aptly supported by the octa-core process and Adreno 430 graphics accelerator and a whopping 4GB LPDDR4 RAM. The 64GB internal storage provides sufficient space to store all your media files, including songs, pictures and videos. If you like to watch movies/videos on the move, you will never run short of space on your phone. Plush with the high-tech specifications mentioned above, you can multi-task with the hassles of your phone getting hanged.

    If you are looking to buy a phone, take your time to review the specifications of these phones and compare it with other modes available in the market and make an informed decision so that you get full value for your money.