Meet Xiaomi Mi Mix, World’s First Bezel-Less Smartphone

Meet Xiaomi Mi Mix, World’s First Bezel-Less Smartphone

Meet Xiaomi Mi Mix, World’s First Bezel-Less Smartphone

by November 3, 2016

Xiaomi Mi Mix- First border-less smartphone


Xiaomi has done what Leading smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung could never do. They have made an almost bezel-less smartphone which has an edge-to-edge screen and looks like it came straight from the future! If you look at images of the new Mi Mix, you’d think that it was just a concept, but the best part is that it is not. This smartphone is here to stay, and Xiaomi may have opened a new way that other smartphone manufacturers will take sooner rather than later. The Mi Mix is the future of smartphones.

mi mix concept phone borderless display



  • 6.4-inch IPS LCD Screen with 2040 x 1080 resolution

  • Screen-to-body ratio of 91.3 %

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 at 2.35 GHz with Adreno 530 Graphics

  • 128GB storage + 4 GB RAM (Exclusive Edition with 256 MB Storage + 6 GB RAM)

  • 16 MP Main Camera with Dual LED Flash

  • 5 MP front camera

  • Fingerprint Sensor

  • 4400 mAh battery

mi mix features

The best part of the Mi Mix may be the whopping 91.3 % screen to body ratio. The top, left and right sides of the device have absolutely no bezels. And hence Xiaomi were able to fit a mammoth 6.4-inch screen on a device with dimensions of 158.8 x 81.9 x 7.9 mm. To put things in perspective, smartphones with similar dimensions have screens that are 5 to 5.5 inches large, at the most.

mi mix edge to edge display bezel less

By now you must have looked at the smartphone’s images with much scrutiny, like we have. And like us, you must have wondered, looking at the top of the device, ‘where is the in-call speaker, or the proximity sensor?’ The answer to these questions may be even more jaw-dropping than that phenomenal screen. Xiaomi made use of some brilliant new technology to remove the top bezel from the device.

mi mix acoustics top bezel


Apparently, the entire phone is made of ceramic, and the ceramic frame that goes around the sides of the phone acts as the speaker by vibrating! You read it right, the top of the phone does not feature a conventional speaker; Xiaomi calls it the Piezoelectric Ceramic Acoustic. When you put your ear to the frame while on a call, you will hear the other person in exactly the same way as on a conventional speaker.

xiaomi mi mix display

Also, the usual Infrared proximity sensor has been replaced by an Ultrasound sensor behind the display. The front camera has also been moved to the bottom of the device, which is the only side which features a bezel. It would take a remarkable piece of engineering to remove or reduce this bottom bezel, and we’re sure that someone or the other, taking a leaf out of Xiaomi’s book (maybe Xiaomi themselves), will one day bring out a device that has no bezels on any side. Till then, the gorgeous Mi Mix fulfils that vacant spot with its brilliantly vibrant, edge-to-edge display.

mi mix borderless display with gold rim camera

Xiaomi has proven itself to be a dark horse and silently brought out a remarkable new device. Now we have to wait and see whether other major smartphone manufacturers follow suit.