by October 12, 2016
Xiaomi Mi Max Prime Available at Xiaomi Diwali Sale

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The Chinese are at it again! The Beijing-based electronics giant, Xiaomi, seems to be intent on empowering every Indian with the best in smartphone technology. Why else would it hold a three- day flash sale on its official website starting 17th October?

It has been only a few years since Xiaomi entered the Smartphone market, competing against the likes of biggies like HTC, Samsung, Sony, etc. in India, but it has already become one of the most popular brands in the country.

diwali sale xiaomi max prime

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Continuing to show just how popular it is in India, Xiaomi is holding a Diwali sale on its official website offering great discounts and deals on its multiple products. However, there is one product that stands out. The successor to the immensely successful Mi Max that was launched in June will greet the Indian market on October 17th as part of the sale.

Let’s see why the Mi Max Prime is promising to steal the spotlight, shall we?

xiaomi max prime features

Sporting a massive 6.4-inch screen with a stunning display resolution of 1080x1920p, in the Mi Max Prime, you have the ultimate media player. For the bibliophile in you, there is a bigger and more comfortable screen to read from. The Night Display and Reading Mode ensure that your eyes don’t strain as you read for hours during the night.

mi max prime better processor RAM than mi max

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The gamer in you gets a bigger screen to play on (more on the processor later), and the work-on-the -go person gets a humongous work board to make presentations on. The perfect screen yet fits snugly in your palm. Ergonomically designed, you don’t have to worry about needing both your hands to operate the Mi Max Prime efficiently. Also, the metal design measures just 7.5mm, making it sleek and not a problem when it needs to go into the pocket or purse.

xiaomi max prime camera

Click pictures, record videos, and capture memories for posterity. This and a lot more is what the Mi Max Prime and its 16MP primary camera have to offer its user. With the low-light enhancement, HDR, Burst Mode, and real-time filters, the user can get the most out of the phone’s camera. Need a moment of reflection? Well, the 5MP front camera is the ideal medium to check if you look good, bad, or ugly! Click pictures, check them on the 6.4” screen and share with friends & family instantly thanks to the 4G enabled smartphone!

mi max versus mi max prime

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Time to discuss what makes the Mi Max Prime better than its predecessor, the Mi Max. Boasting of a powerful Snapdragon 652 octa-core 1.8GHz processor that promises to enable the multitasker in you. Helping the cause is the 4GB of RAM that works to ensure that you can seamlessly switch between heavy-duty apps. Fearlessly download apps, games, pictures, videos, etc. as you can simply use the 128GB space to store all that you need. Running on the Mi adaptation of Android Marshmallow, the user gets the best customisation that the platform can offer, making the phone specifically theirs.

mi max prime price in india

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The dual SIM Xiaomi Mi Max Prime packs in a 4850mAh battery, one of the most powerful in the market. The battery ensures that you don’t need to head to the plug point or power bank every few hours just to keep the multitasking experience going.

What’s The Deal With The Sale

xiaomi diwali flash sale

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The Mi Max Prime isn’t the only thing to watch out for at the sale. Those looking for a way to battle the growing polluted air, can get their hands on the Mi Air Purifier for ₹9, 999; those looking to make a Diwali resolution to become healthier can get the Mi Band 2 for ₹1, 999; power- hungry users can get the Mi Power Bank Pro (10000mAh) for ₹1, 999.

There’s a Mi sale and no ₹1 flash sale, can’t be, right? The website will be hosting the sale for the Redmi 3S Prime and Mi Bluetooth Speakers on the 17th, the Redmi Note 3 & 20000mAh Power Bank on the 18th, and the Xiaomi Mi 4 & Mi Band 2 on the last day of the sale.

Shoppers are in store for some freebies & surprises too! There are additional discounts on some other Mi products that will be announced come October 14. Until then, decide if you would like to treat yourself to the Mi Max Prime this Diwali!