Xiaomi Mi LED Light – A Perpetual Solution to Beat Darkness

Xiaomi Mi LED Light – A Perpetual Solution to Beat Darkness

Xiaomi Mi LED Light – A Perpetual Solution to Beat Darkness

by June 22, 2015
Xiaomi MI led light

In a time when all the global tech giants are involved in a bloodless battle for producing fancy gadgets to woo the customers, Xiaomi seems to race ahead of others by some distance. Are you flummoxed to know why Xiaomi is ahead and not any other brand? Well the reason is quite simple yet so logical, ‘Xiaomi’ and ‘Affordability’ go hand-in-hand. The Chinese tech giant has understood the consumer behavior better than others and it plays its price card to perfection, offering products that are affordable for all.

xiaomi mi led light connected to laptop

Image Source: techworm.net

The fact is underpinned by the launch of one of the Xiaomi’s product, the Mi LED Light for just Rs. 199! Quite a functional product it is, with myriad of practical applications in daily life! Well, with a price tag like that, it is no rocket science that the product is definitely going to be a huge hit. The Mi LED light is a portable device that can be connected to any USB port, be it a powerbank, a computer, a laptop or even your smartphone through an OTG to brighten up the space. The light is quite bright and it is especially useful for people who love to read at night. It would give you a comfortable reading environment without disturbing others around. It also comes in quite handy during power outage to break the dark and locate your candle or other important thing in the dark.

xiaomi mi led for reading

The Mi LED light is made up of plastic and it is extremely lightweight. The small size of the device makes it portable; you can easily carry it in your pocket and it would come in handy while travelling. One of the highlights of the light is that it is quite flexible, you can easily bend it to different position to suit your needs. Although, the light is quite bright, it has a soft shade that ensure that the light doesn’t strain your eyes, even when you use it for a long time.

flexible led light

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This attractive and useful device currently comes in two basic colours, blue and white. Knowing Xiaomi’s reputation of releasing new variants of the products, it would be no surprise, if Mi LED light comes in different colours and with additional features in the near future. The Mi LED light comes as an excellent addition to the huge list of awesome products Xiaomi offers. The company continues to expand its line of products that sells in India. The Mi LED light is available for Indian customers on Xiaomi India website.