by November 10, 2015
mi band pluse and 20000 mah powerbank

We may crack a lot of jokes on our China imports; write songs on the quality of their products but at the end of the day, China based brands like Xiaomi make us eat our words. A brand that became instantly popular in the Indian tech market, Xiaomi has again come up with two new products that will surely continue creating waves when it is launched in India. Read on to find out what these two gadgets are…

20000 mah mi powerbank

Source: ibnlive.in

Xiaomi’s new product is a successor to its immensely popular, highly appreciated powerbank. The Xiaomi powerbank came as a boon for those who constantly ran out of battery on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Currently, the Xiaomi powerbanks available in India come in 5000mAh, 10400mAh, 16000mAh capacities. The latest powerbank launched by the brand in China comes with a jaw-dropping capacity of 20000mAh! Don’t know how much power that means?

xiaomi 2000 mah powerbank

Source: gogi.in

Let us put it in some context…with a fully charged 20000mAh powerbank, you can charge your iPhone 6 7 times, your Mi 4 for 4.5 times, your Macbook for 1.2 times, and your iPad Mini for 3 times! That’s some power, don’t you agree? The company claims that the powerbank can store about 11000mAh of power when charged for 3 hours.

The powerbank comes with 2 USB ports to allow the user to connect and charge two devices at a time. Priced at RMB 149, the Indian equivalent will be around Rs.1600. Using the feedback generated by the previous models of the powerbank, the designers have used a scratch- proof plastic body instead of a metallic one for added durability.

locate mi band

Source: mi.com

The second big product was the Mi Band 1S, the successor to its Mi Band. With the Mi Band last year, Xiaomi had successfully entered the market of wearable fitness trackers. The new Mi Band 1S incorporates an optical heart-rate sensor. The new band looks better too! However, to maintain the low price tag, the fitness tracker still doesn’t sport a display.

mi band

Source: mi.com

The successor band is about a half a gram heavier than its predecessor, and measures 37×13.6×9.9mm. Thanks to the IP67 rating, the user can stop worrying about the durability of the band as it will be able to withstand water and dust to a large extent.

mi band colours

Source: mi.com

This Mi Band 1S sports a 45mAh battery that promises to last for about 30 days on a full charge. It will go on sale for RMB 99 i.e. about Rs.1000. The band also acts as a pedometer, count the calories burnt, and alert the user by vibrating when the phone receives any notifications. In spite of the launch of the 1S, the company stated that they will continue to sell the original Mi Band.

Indian fans of Xiaomi will have to wait for these two products to launch in India, but until then they can be rest assured, like the brand’s belief, that something wonderful is about to happen…