Xiaomi Mi 5S features leaked – Get Ready for Something Fabulous

Xiaomi Mi 5S features leaked – Get Ready for Something Fabulous

Xiaomi Mi 5S features leaked – Get Ready for Something Fabulous

by September 14, 2016
xiaomi mi 5s features leaked

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Earlier this year, Xiaomi had released the Xiaomi Mi 5, which is presently available in India at around Rs. 23,000. The device packs in powerful hardware driven by the latest Android Marshmallow. With an intention to take things a step further, it seems like Xiaomi is most likely to release an upgraded version of the Mi 5. Presently, dubbed as the Xiaomi Mi 5S, the device was recently spotted online, and the specifications seemed quite promising.

According to the website, the Mi 5S will come with 6GB of RAM, which is way more than the majority of smartphones available in the market. Moreover, the device will be powered by a 2.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quad-core processor teamed up with Andreno 530 GPU.

xiaomi mi 5s specs

This is not the first time a handset has been spotted online. We have already witnessed a few leaks in the past as well, and most of them seemed quite in-line with what the recent leak has to convey. However, it won’t be wise to consider these specifications to be a part of the final model, as Xiaomi may shock us with something even better and quite different from what we expected.

Moving back to the specifications, the Mi 5S will feature a 5.15-inch full-HD display with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The screen will come with Force Touch Feature, something that’s quite similar to 3D Touch found in iPhone 6s and its successor. Regarding storage, you are most likely to get 256GB of internal storage memory, which means you will hardly run out of space.

xiaomi mi 5s camera

Just like the Mi 5, the 5S too may come with a 16MP primary camera and a 4MP front camera. If the rumours are to be believed, the handset will feature a dual-camera setup on the rear. Lastly, the device comes with a much more powerful 3490 mAh battery with quick-charging capability along with USB type-C.

Although most of the features of the phone have been leaked, nothing is yet known about the colours the phone will be available in. But, again, it won’t be wise to completely settle down with the leaks, but you can surely expect something quite close to what has been revealed.

xiaomi mi 5s features leaked usb typec

Source: xiaomidevice.com

With all that being said, it seems like the Mi 5S is, in fact, a step ahead of its predecessor in most of the aspect. Let’s have a look.

xiaomi mi 5s features

Source: indianexpress.com

So, if you are planning to get a powerful yet pocket-friendly smartphone, you might want to wait for a while until the Mi 5S is released. Although nothing is yet known about how much the device will cost, but it won’t be wrong to expect a budget-friendly price tag, as Xiaomi has always managed to set the prices right.