by July 20, 2016
Xiaomi Mi Anniversary sale

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Seldom do we have birthday celebrations as grand as that of Xiaomi, fondly known as the ‘Apple of China’. The fifth largest Smartphone maker in the world has decided to commemorate its two years of being in the Indian market and what a bash it has planned! Doing what it does best, Xiaomi has decided to undertake one of its most ambitious flash sales in India, from 20th– 22nd July.

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So what is it that promises to make this such a big deal? How about being able to buy the Mi5 or the Mi 20,000mAh power bank for Re.1 on the first day of the sale? Or maybe the Redmi Note 3  or Mi Band  on the second day? If that still doesn’t excite you, how about the recently launched Mi Max  and Mi Bluetooth speakers? Apart from these products & offers, you could also grab the Mi Capsule Headphones or Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Gold for a reduced price at the website during the sale days.

mi anniversary sale

Apart from the flash sale, Xiaomi is also offering some great offers on the Mi Max, Mi 4i  , Redmi Note, and 20,000mAh Mi power bank, on its official app- Mi Store App.

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For those interested in the Re.1 sale, all you need to do is register on the official website, and share the news of the sale on their Facebook profile. Even the big shot Xiaomi could do with some extra publicity, right?

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There is limited number of each product so you may want to consider these tips as you get ready to make the toughest yet most rewarding purchase of your techy life:

1. First things first- add the products that you want to your shopping cart before the start of the sale so that you don’t have to hunt for the products later when the sale starts and waste valuable time.

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2. Make sure you have a speedy internet connection.

3. Use your laptop or computer to load the sale page. Using a Smartphone or tablet can be inconvenient due to its small screen size.

4. Fill in your shipping address and other details such as online payments details (if needed) so that you don’t waste valuable time updating this information when you could be placing your final order instead.

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5. Close all other tabs, especially bandwidth hogging sites like YouTube or Facebook. You can have your share of social networking once you have your confirmation of the purchase of Xiaomi products!

6. Load the official company website at least a few minutes before the official start time of the sale i.e. 2 p.m.

7. The page will show a countdown to the final time of the sale. Keep refreshing the page to update the countdown timer.

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8. During the last 5 seconds or so, place the cursor on the part of the page that shows the flash sale.

9. Hit refresh one last time at the last second, and click on the ‘buy’ option.

10. If you have been successful in getting to the ‘buy’ page, quickly proceed to check your cart and place the final order!

Fair warning: The process may be mildly unnerving, so you better take some deep breaths before starting!

Never mind, if you are unable to participate in Re. 1 sale! Xiaomi will not disappoint you. It will drop prices of its popular products such as Mi5 Gold, Bluetooth Speakers, Mi Max, Mi 4i, and 20000mAh Mi Power Bank.

Price drops from 20th to 22nd July 2016:

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