WWDC 2021: What we expect from the Apple online event

WWDC 2021: What we expect from the Apple online event

WWDC 2021: What we expect from the Apple online event

by April 6, 2021

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference will be held virtually for the second time in a row due to the pandemic. The organisation has finalised a date last week for the 32nd edition of the event and has decided to hold it on 7th June 2021. The event will showcase Apple’s new software and the latest products they will be introducing to the market, including Mac and the new iPhone, which we can’t wait to see. The WWDC will have sessions, keynotes, and other events available to all developers for free on the Apple Developers website and the Developer App.

Apple will commence the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 with a keynote speech on the 7th June 2021 at 10.30 pm IST (10.00 am PT). You can catch the live event on YouTube, the Apple TV app, Apple.com, the Apple Developer website, and the Apple Developer App.

WatchOS 8 and iOS 15 to be announced at the WWDC 21

Last year, Apple launched the iOS 14 that was available on the iPhone. iOS 14 saw many changes from its predecessor like the App library, the home screen widgets, Siri, and much more. iOS is likely to be a continuation of the 14 with slight improvements to make the experience better. There are rumours doing rounds that the company is likely to drop support for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus, and the first-generation iPhone SE. In other words, the new OS will only support devices for A10 or later processors.

WatchOS 8 will be the newest version of the watchOS that powers up the new Apple watch. The company is likely to add more health-related features to the OS. In the watchOS7 launched last year, a few new features like handwashing, updated watch faces and sleep tracing were introduced.

tvOS 15 could get a big revamp

If we were to believe the rumours going around, Apple could introduce the tvOS 15 at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021. The tvOS 14 did not see a major change from its previous version; however, we hope to see some major improvements and design changes in the tvOS15. tvOS14, which was launched last year with features like features HomeKit accessories, multi-user support for Apple arcade, and support for game controllers. We did get to hear that Apple might be developing their gaming controller that will be announced along with the Apple TV. We are also hoping to see some new hardware along with a fast A-series chipset.

iPadOS15 and macOS 12 likely expected at WWDC 2021

With the expectations rising in people about the launch of the new iPad pro soon, the hope is to see the company focus on features that will make the experience much better and make the tablet closer to the computer. Apple, along with the developers, is working to bring pro-level desktop apps to iPad Pro.

While there is too much speculation as to what might happen at the event, we have to wait for 7th June to know more.

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