Headphones that are Worth All the Hype

by May 7, 2017
Headphones that are Worth All the Hype

Headphones are unquestionably an essential part of today’s lifestyle – be it at work, during commute, on long journeys on when talking a walk down the road. While some headphones are decently prices, some cost a bomb owing to its acoustic features. Let’s look at some headphones and see if they are worth the hype created around them on the digital landscape. You can also compare headphones online to decide which one is worth investing in.

1. Skullcandy S5AVDM-161Navigator On-Ear Headphone

The on-ear headphones feature the fine craftsmanship of Skullcandy. With this on-ear headphone with mic-3, you acquire a fine middle ground between large over ear types as well as tiny earbuds. The pair of headphones amazingly blocks out ambient sounds & can generate better quality audio in comparison to the smaller earbuds while providing the same level of portability.

The Navigator, which comes in white, blue, and black, has a retro-modern look and an eye-catching glossy finish on the exterior of the ear pads.

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2. Bose Quiet Comfort

The Quiet Comfort 35 is an active noise-cancelling wireless headphone. At Rs. 29000+ price point, it is one the more expensively priced headphones. However its brand name and rich feature set do manage to justify the price tag. The years of research fine tuning the noise cancellation feature by Bose seems to have paid off in this fine product.

With Bluetooth and NFC wireless capability, the headphone is good for long and crowded commutes where you are saved from the tangles of wires. The EQ is volume optimized and is capable of delivering a rich, balanced performance. One reach rage on its Li-Ion battery allows you to listen to music for up to 20 hours.

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3. Grado PS1000

Grado headphones can amazingly regenerate as natural soundstage from stereo recordings and give the same hearing delight as a good couple of speakers do. These headphones are free of room effects as well as placement issues, and they reduce any interference from external noise. Moreover, they serve portability needs and you can listen to music peacefully without worrying about the neighbors.

The PS1000 Professional Series is a hybrid of metal and wood which extends the Grado sound to levels that never before attained. Throughout the audio spectrum, the Grado PS1000 device serves tight midrange, definitive highs, and rich bass. The concept of a hybrid wooden/metal headphone serves that neutral tonality that no transducer can approach. This step up from the GS1000 is so significant that audio enthusiasts are trade their existing headphones to own just the PS1000.

4. Sennheiser HD7DJ Professional DJ Headphones

Professional level DJs rely on this Sennheiser to raise their audio hearing and music beat matching performance benchmarks. It can be tuned to an extreme level of SPL – a prerequisite for working in loud music areas where the DJ operates. While the Rs. 20,000/- price tag may make it out of reach to common people, pro-level DJs will be excited to own this pair of headphones.

These headphones will surely worth all the hype and you can choose one of them to meet your specific audio or music requirement.

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