Worlds smallest Drone Camera – Axis Vidius

Worlds smallest Drone Camera – Axis Vidius

Worlds smallest Drone Camera – Axis Vidius

by January 5, 2016
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Have you ever seen those ‘The Expendables’ type films and wondered how awesome would it to be to handle a drone yourself? Of course, your wish to maneuver such a drone might not be accompanied with a wish to do a reconnaissance before you blast the place out, but how about you use it for fun or to take aerial views of your children playing in the sand?

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Well, if your intentions for flying a drone are pure, then you may wish to get your hands on the new drone- Axis Vidius. Axis, based in Rochester, has made what is considered the world’s smallest drone, with dimensions of 4.3cm x 4.3cm x 2.5cm. Weighing only 250g, this mean little machine will fit right into your palm!

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The Vidius, which practically means a darting, flying butterfly, is available in five different colours- black, white, orange, green, and blue. So if you think about it, it actually is like a colorful butterfly flitting around the sky, but controlled by you! The Vidius Drone is capable of flying up to 100 feet away from the controller. However, even though it uses 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization to keep itself steady, one big problem that the tiny drone may face is being rendered out-of-control due to even a light breeze blowing against it.

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So how do you control this little machine? Unfortunately, since we are far faaar away from the days of telepathically controlling machines, we need to make do with a 2.4 GHz controller to operate the Vidius. If you are not a fan of the conventional R.Cs, then you can also download the Vidius Drone app onto your Android or iOS Smartphone or tablet and start “droning”! The drone, which uses a Live First Person View Video Camera, streams the video to the smartphone or tablet using a Wi-Fi connection. Good time to get a strong Wi-Fi connection, don’t you think? Furthermore, if you are a social network buff and wish to upload the aerial captures of your drone, you can share it right from the app itself! Be it a blog, email, messaging, or social media platform, you can upload it with a simple taps on your device.

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Let’s talk about the specs of the Vidius, shall we? Since it is not a military grade, lets-use-it-for-dropping-bombs-on-enemy-land kind of a drone, the quality of the camera on the drone is a low 480p. It is a decent enough resolution if you wish to capture images or videos of objects like the number plate of the car which sped away after knocking down a lamp post, but if you wish to study little bugs out in the front garden, you may have to use your biological eyes only!

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The Vidius can fly for about 5-7 minutes on a 20 minute charge of its 150 mAh Battery. Yep, that’s not a lot of flying time, but hey, at least you get to fly a drone which costs only $75! The fun drone can do 360 degree flips and rolls to make you feel like a total geek! You can use the pre-programmed “Trick Mode” for such daredevilry!

Go ahead, live your childhood fantasy of being a pilot with this amazing drone which also sports LED lights so that you can do a fly-by at night!

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