by June 27, 2016
World's largest camera museum in Gurugram


Forget the 250 Fortune 500 companies that find themselves a place of pride in Gurugram, the city with the third-highest per capita income in India… Soon, the Millenium City will have a new landmark, a new destination, a new hangout place for snap-shooting enthusiasts- ‘The Museo Camera – Centre of Photography’.

Vintage camera museum gurugram

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To be curated by Aditya Arya, a veteran photographer, the Museum will largely host Arya’s babies- more than 600 different models of camera. What’s surprising is that Arya used to host a Camera Museum himself- within his house! Now, thanks to a collaborative effort between the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon and Arya, shutterbugs & experienced photographers alike, will be able to take in the rich history of our beloved device that helps us to capture moments for posterity.

Aditya Arya camera collection

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Planned to be the world’s largest of its kind, ‘The Museo Camera – Centre of Photography’ is looking at an August 19 launch– to coincide with the World Photography Day. Arya is ambitious when it comes to this endeavour; he states that he wishes to create a state-of-the-art institution where school children can attend workshops & tours, learn in an interactive environment, a place where photographers, both budding and pros, can read and reflect. For Vivek Kalia, joint commissioner, MCG, the Museum will be a world-class structure, a symbol of excellence.

Gurugram worlds largest camera museum

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The Museum will be housed in a building in Chattarpur Village, New Gurgaon. Spread over 15,000 sq. ft. of space, the Museum will not only see a few hundreds of vintage cameras gracing its shelves but also some rare ads of cameras, mostly Kodak, of years gone by. Furthermore, those who love their history and camera equally, Arya will have on display some 800 original patents of cameras made in the last couple of decades of the 1800s. Visitors will be able to trace the journey of the humble camera right from its camera obscura days to the latest digicam phase, with stops at daguerreotypes, Kodak, and Polaroid.

Vintage camera museum gurgaon

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One of the best aspects of the proposed Museum? It will be run by some young & passionate photography enthusiasts so that when your curiosity makes you ask a photography related question, you get an answer from someone who knows!

Another thing, unlike other museums, this one will encourage you to click pictures, as here, ‘photography is strictly allowed’! Imagine, you could even ask one of the staffs to help you get the perfect shot!

Worlds largest camera museum gurugram

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It is interesting to know how Arya came to own these beauties; most of his collection has come from helpful and enterprising kabadiwalas who WhatsApp him with images of vintage cameras that have made their way to their shop. A thinking man, Arya often wonders how much effort and thought must’ve gone into taking the perfect shot, seeing that the photographers did not have a quick shooting digicam or DSLR in hand.

All you Gurgaon-ites, come August, make it a point to carry your DSLRs to work and head to the Museum to show the new how the old clicked!