by March 21, 2016
videocon aryabot

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How many of us watch futuristic, sci-fi kind of films and wonder when will such technology grace our homes? We may not have the Marty McFly hover boards yet, but if Videocon has its way, we may soon have a completely revolutionized, AI controlled home environment! And it all starts with the Mumbai based conglomerate’s intelligent air conditioner, Aryabot.

internet of things

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Stepping out of the ordinary, Videocon has adopted the Machine-to-Machine communications and Internet of Things technology to come up with world’s first satellite air conditioner (moment of pride, Mr. Dhoot, please take a bow). Priced at Rs. 34,000- Rs. 39,000 based on the capacity, Aryabot is available at NEXT Retail and Digiworld Stores.

aryabot features

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Let’s get a better look at what Aryabot can do to enable the lazy people out there (read me!) who wish for nothing but to control every gadget and appliance in the house with their Smartphone.


videocon aryabot controls

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When you own a piece of technology as smart as the Aryabot, you need to keep an eye on it too, right? To help protect itself, Aryabot comes with a USB port which you can connect to a webcam that streams live video to your smartphone thanks to the integrated app. Who knew your AC could keep both, your room AND your nerves cool?!

Aryabot also acts like a considerate mother who wants her child to feel relaxed when he or she comes home; the appliance syncs with your phone’s GPS and switches the cooling unit on when you are about to reach home… and like a responsible yet indulgent parent who cleans after their kid, Aryabot switches itself off when the user leaves the house.


aryabot monitoring

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Who said remaining cool has to burn a hole in your pocket? Aryabot certainly didn’t. In fact, this smart little fellow helps you limit your consumption by allowing you to set an electricity spend and gives you periodic energy usage reports directly on your linked smartphone. Be it at the end of the day, week, or month, Aryabot keeps your environment conscious self in check. However, with the Aryabot range of ACs being BEE star ratings compliant, you may not have to worry about your appliance’s energy efficiency that much.


aryabot settings

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Acting like your personal weatherman with a difference, Aryabot informs you what will be the optimal temperature to set the AC to, by gauging the weather and temperature outside.

Aryabot comes with the Sleep Graph Mode which allows you to set different temperatures for the next eight hours so that you don’t have to wake up every now and then to change the settings and disturb your lovely sleep.


videocon aryabot features

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As I said, Aryabot can be the lazy man’s (or woman’s) best friend. The user can control the appliance’s various functions using simple voice commands as recognized by the Videocon Aryabot app. Using the iOS or Android Smartphone, the user can remotely control the AC from anywhere, at anytime. Furthermore, you can wirelessly lock the AC to prevent any misuse.


videocon aryabot actions

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Aryabot is so sorted that it doesn’t even require your help in troubleshooting itself. Very self-sufficient, it will log-in service requests by itself, and even suggest a remedial course of action when it detects a problem.

Smart, intelligent, the future of appliances…Aryabot is all this and more.

So, have you bought your Aryabot yet?