World Wide Web – Can you think of its alternative name? Hmm …Don’t think so!!

World Wide Web – Can you think of its alternative name? Hmm …Don’t think so!!

World Wide Web – Can you think of its alternative name? Hmm …Don’t think so!!

by October 9, 2013 7 comments

The World Wide Web… popularly known as WWW was invented by Tim Berners Lee during the early 1990s. He is credited with inventing a system which enhances the use of net pages by organizing, linking and enabling their browsing for use.

World Wide WebAs stated by Sir Tim himself in a TV interview, the main intent of this invention was to provide a platform where users could collaborate, share and communicate information so as to reduce misunderstanding and misconceptions.

In the book, Weaving the Web written by Tim Berners Lee, there were two other names short listed for this program viz. “The Information Mine” and “Mine of Information”.  Well, the first name, “The Information Mine” when abbreviated to TIM relates to the founder’s first name while the second one becomes “MOI” which again sounded too possessive. Also, “The Information Mesh” was the third name being considered but according to Tim, it sounded more as “Mess”.

Incidentally, WorldWideWeb (no spaces), the world’s first browser was also invented by Tim. It was capable of accessing any file type supported by the OS which included downloading, displaying of movies, sounds and much more.

Though worldwide is an English word, Tim Berners-Lee prefers his invention to be spelt as World Wide Web and rather than Worldwide Web.

An interesting trivia relating to the World Wide Web and Internet is Gopher which is a TCP/IP application layer protocol which was primarily designed to distribute, search and retrieve documents over the Internet but did not turn out to be as popular as World Wide Web. In fact, it can be considered as its predecessor. Gopher was invented by Mark P. McCahill and his team at University of Minnesota.

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