WonderCube – The Mother of All Smart Phone Accessories

WonderCube – The Mother of All Smart Phone Accessories

WonderCube – The Mother of All Smart Phone Accessories

by March 15, 2015

We all know what a great boon Smartphone have been for the modern generation. We also know that with the advancements in the smart phone technology, there is a growing usage of newer and better accessories. While these accessories add value to the mobile using experience and serve various purposes, you would agree to the fact that carrying the accessories like external memory card, power bank, and card reader is a tedious task.

Now that you are aware of the daily hassles of carrying around the numerous mobile accessories, it is only inevitable that you would be looking for a practical solution? But does the solution exist? To your delight, the answer is Yes! One of the recent creations, WonderCube has emerged as the most versatile smart phone accessories any smart phone users have seen till date.

WonderCube epitomizes the adage ‘Good things come in small package.’ True to its name, WonderCube is just a 1 inch cube but packs-in a whole range of smart features? Within its tiny size, the Cube holds many secrets. The all-in-one mobile solution for the modern generation, which is always on the go, WonderCube comes as a perfect solution to meet all your needs and give a whole new level of mobile using experience.

Some of the best features of the Amazing device are:

It will follow you everywhere

WonderCube is specially designed to be durable. It literally lives on your key ring and is available for your use at all times.

No Cables, No Hassles

We have all for long waited to get rid of the all the messy cables and the irritating tangles, the wait finally comes to an end. With WonderCube you can use its built-in flexible USB cord to connect to your phone, laptop or desktop computer to access, transfer, add or delete files from the computer or vice-versa. The cube has a 1 inch cable that is neatly folded around it and when stretched it stretches upto 3 inches. The best thing is that none of the components are exposed outside so the risk of damage is minimal.

Charge your phone anytime anywhere

You got to agree with this, one of the biggest hassles of smart phone usage is running out of juice just when you require it the most. Of course, the power banks, have solved this issue to a great extent, but now is the time to look beyond those big, chunky devices, which are not only heavy but also too big to carry. The WonderCube comes as a ultimate solution, just tuck this tiny baby in your pocket and get quick charging anytime you want and stay connected.

Doubles up as a stand

You want to catch your favorite video or if have you a Skype call that is too important? WonderCube has your bases covered, with its innovative stand, you can firmly affix the phone on your table or work stand to enjoy an uninterrupted call or enjoy the video. The cube has a suction cups plates that can be easily attached or detached to the back of the phone’s panel.

Additional Memory on the Go

Flash Drives, the once so popular memory device has become a passé. The WonderCube comes with a 64GB memory card that you can plug into your phone with the OTG cable and bingo! You get additional storage space.