With The New Star Wars App It’s Lightsabers, Selfies & Action!

With The New Star Wars App It’s Lightsabers, Selfies & Action!

With The New Star Wars App It’s Lightsabers, Selfies & Action!

by July 13, 2015
starwars android app

The Star Wars universe (not literally!) seems to be ever expanding. The cult status of the movie series has led to a range of subsequent memorabilia, fanfic, video games, fanmade comic strips etc. However, one thing that was lacking with the tech-savvy 21st century Star war followers was a dedicated Smartphone app. Now that it is launched, it will be devoured with enthusiasm by the millions of fans world over.


starwars app

Months before the release of the highly awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens film, Disney has launched an official Star Wars app that will cater to the needs of the trivia hungry fans. Revealed to the world recently, the feature rich app has something for every fan who would like to join that league.

The app asks you to choose your side, the dark force, the light force, or even the droid, which determines the theme of the interface. No other aspects of the app depend on which side you choose, although you may switch sides whenever you wish.

starwars selfie

Once you are done with the selection, you can choose to click a selfie with the gorgeous Leia or Darth Vader with the real Star Wars locales as backgrounds! Ever wanted to boast of a picture with the pretty princess? Now is your chance…

Another big fantasy of any true Star Wars fan is to master the art of fighting with a lightsaber, a weapon like no other which has gained a fan following that no nuclear missile can match. The app encompasses a lightsaber training game which promises to keep the user engaged for hours together.

starwars android gif

If this is not enough, the app also has numerous Star Wars .gifs that the user can see and relive the previous films. The app is engaging and a genius way of keeping the fans interested in the upcoming reboot by promising regular updates about the film. The updates will include news about the latest film, pieces of trivia, and other information about the Star Wars universe.

Although there is no such thing as “small fan” when it comes to this epic franchise, the app has an option which allows the user to choose the kind and type of notifications they wish to receive. Assuming they are not “big fans”, they can choose to restrict the alerts they get.

Available on Android and iOS, the app promises to keep the audience engaged and mesmerised until the December release of the next instalment of the most popular movie franchise.