With Imgur iPhone App Browsing will get more addictive

With Imgur iPhone App Browsing will get more addictive

With Imgur iPhone App Browsing will get more addictive

by March 21, 2015

Apple has the knack of providing the Apple mobile users with new, smart and innovative applications every now and then. It comes as a no surprise then that Apple has come up with yet another new app known as Imgur app that is set to make browsing more addictive.

With this app you can now browse the inexhaustible list of funny GIFs and viral images while on the go. For now, the app is only designed for the iPhone. Unlike the parent website where the images are displayed in grids, the Imgur presents each image individually.

The app has a very easy-to-use user interface making it easy for users to navigate. Buttons located at the bottom can be used to browse through the most viral images, latest user submissions and random images. Moreover, Imgur app also lets you browse by popularity or starting with the newest.

Simply swipe or tap on the image you wish to view. This will also display the comments for the selected image. And of course you have options to share, upvote, downvote or favourite a specific image. While you scroll down the comment section, a button appears that lets you add your own.

With all that being said, no wonder the app is sure to be gracefully welcomed by millions of iPhone users across the globe. But, when you pack a whole lot of stuff in your bag, there are a few things that are unintentionally left behind, and this app seems to be no different. Presently, it is not possible to upload images using the app. However, according to Alan Schaaf, the feature will soon be added.

This turns out to be Imgur’s second attempt to launch an iPhone app. It was first launched in the summer of 2013 but was pulled back in less than a year. However, the version meant for Android is still available. Instead of restricting the new version to the iPhone, Imgur also plans to bring it to Android somewhere in the near future. The intention is to help people easily explore amazing stories they normally search for on the website. For now, the app only lets you browse data. Soon, people will be able to create their own.

The website, launched back in February 2009, soon turned out to be an instant hit. With its latest app, Imgur plans to further expand its community to mobile users. But, will it succeed in doing so? If it does, the app will only turn into something big, really big.

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