Why phone size is different from screen size

Why phone size is different from screen size

Why phone size is different from screen size

by November 23, 2014


Mobile phones have become more or less a regular accessory these days. With the rise of smartphones, their demand has become even more prominent. When choosing a phone, do pay attention to the technical specifications and the user interface.

When checking out the user interface, the screen size also plays a vital role. Most users consider the phone size and the screen size as one and the same, but that is not so. In fact, they are very much different especially in smartphones.


Why people get confused? 


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This general prevalent preference for a large sized screen phone has been sensationalised a great deal. Today, most customers prefer to go for a phone with a large screen. To make things clearer, the screen area of the phone is where you can view and access the apps from. Talking about actual screen sizes, the Nexus 6 has a screen size that measures up to 5.96 inches while the much in demand Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a screen size that of 5.7 inches. Not leaving out on the show stealer Apple Iphone 6 Plus with a screen size of 5.5 inch looks pretty decent and classy.



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Herein is another example that will highlight the difference. The celebrated Nexus is actually a phone having a phone size of six inches but its screen is actually 5.96 inches in size. Undoubtedly, when compared to the Iphone 6 the former is much wider but in the real scenario both their height are roughly quite equal. The very phrase ‘six inch’ phone adds more to the confusion.



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Again, the Iphone 6 Plus as well as the LG G3 are slightly different compared with respect to their phone sizes. But when it is about their screens they actually are at par. Similarly the Moto X which also has a 4.7 inch screen when compared to the Iphone 6 will at once create an assumption that both the screens are of different sizes. But actually both are same. Iphone 6 on account of its home screen button makes the build stretched.Things in fact become more confusing when the screen sizes are massive along with having smaller prints. Undoubtedly, the respective difference of few inches is not that massive but if at all it matters then do check out the specifications before updating to a recently launched phone.


Phone size-The real one

The phone size on the other hand does also matter. This is because at the end of the day, the actual size of the phone is its real size. The main reason why the phone size is different is because it comprises of hardware and other components which make the phone functional. There is no need saying, that buttons like lock, volume comprise an integral part. And this is where the phone size matters. The screen size is the glass screen area on the top surface of the phone where you see the apps and access them as well.

Though the phone size and the screen size seem to nearly same, they are not so. When comparing phones of two different brands, their sizes may look similar in look, size and even in width but they could be varying in different screen sizes.

With most users preferring mobiles with large screens along with better clarity images, most of mobile manufacturers are now trying to bring up newer phones that would be levelling up both the screen size along with the phone size. With rapid technological advancements, mobile phones with same screen and phone size could be a reality, though when that is highly uncertain.

With air cleared over the size of the phone and the screen size of the phone, you are now well versed with what to expect when you proceed to upgrade to a recently phone primarily because of its size.