Who’s Keeping You Cool?

by April 29, 2013

Is the excess heat making you sweat? Maybe the time is right to bring home a brand new air conditioner. But, how do you make the right selection? Energy efficiency is the most crucial factor one needs to consider while selecting an AC – numerous brands claim to offer the best, but very few of these claims hold a strong base. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you perform the right amount of research when planning to buy an AC.

Cool It OnBrands Affecting the Indian Cooling System:
With an intention to short-list the most popular AC brands in India, the Logicserve Group recently carried out a poll with a total outreach of 6726. With 67.02 % votes, Samsung by far emerged as the most popular AC brand among Indians. BlueStar was the next to follow but with only 11.79 % votes. With 2.9 % votes, LG was the third most preferred AC brand with Voltas just inches behind enjoying 1.43 % of the total votes. Next to follow was Panasonic with only 1.29 % votes.

What Are They Offering?
Most popular ones from Samsung include Crystal, MAX and the Purista series. These are highly energy efficient and come with a decent price tag. BlueStar too offers an extensive range of split ACs available at a price ranging from Rs. 20000 to Rs. 50000. LG is most popularly known for its uniquely designed ACs, which apart from cooling can also perform the heating function. Voltas, one of the strongest contenders in the AC market, is largely betting its money on its most popular Magna and the Executive series.

The poll finally concludes that Indians largely rely on the brand name when it comes to choosing an air conditioning system. The affordability seems to be the next deciding factors. With brand new companies entering the market, the prices are likely to drop further.