Whirlpool Launches the Purasense Range of Water Purifiers with IntelliSense RO Filter Technology

Whirlpool Launches the Purasense Range of Water Purifiers with IntelliSense RO Filter Technology

Whirlpool Launches the Purasense Range of Water Purifiers with IntelliSense RO Filter Technology

by May 27, 2019

Considering the amount of pollutants and dirt in the tap water of municipal connections in cities and towns, how can one ensure clean drinking water for the family? Simply boiling it would not be adequate. In order to protect your loved ones from the menace of water-borne diseases, it is vital that the water they drink is clean and pure. For this, it needs to pass through multiple levels of filtration to remove hardness, contaminants, and TDS from the water. And this is exactly what a water purifier does. Water purifiers have become a necessity than merely a choice. It makes pure drinking water available to your entire family and you are assured of the quality of water they consume.

Whirlpool, the renowned consumer appliances brand, is known for retailing products that add value to our lives. Keeping in line with this philosophy, it has recently come up with the Purasense Range of Water Purifiers.

The water purifiers are equipped with futuristic features like the IntelliSense RO filter technology, advanced 9 stage purification system and India’s first DIY filter replacement where you can change the filters on your own.

Feature packed performance

Check out some of the features that come with the Purasense Water Purifiers from Whirlpool

1 – Adaptive Intelligence Technology


The advanced sensors & the AI microprocessor in the machine intelligently senses the hardness of the water and if the hardness (TDS level) is high, only then does it proceed with RO purification. Else only UV/UF filtration takes place This ensures less water wastage in case the TDS of the input water is low, and the process also retains minerals of the water. For input water TDS levels up to 2000ppm, it can bring down the TDS levels by 90%

2 – Do-It-Yourself filter replacement

Even if you’ve bought yourself a water purifier, for it to continuously give you clean water, you need to ensure that the filters are replaced at regular intervals. Often, this becomes annoying as not only does it waste your time due to constant follow-ups with service personnel, but you become wary of the additional concerns like service charge and availability of genuine spares. But with Purasense Range of RO Water Purifiers, all these issues are a thing of the past. With India’s first* DIY filter replacement you can change the filters on your own and that too in a matter of a couple of minutes. The filter change indicators in the machine tell you exactly which filter to replace and you can order the new filters either online or offline. This saves your time and money both and gives you the assurance of genuine spares due to the unique design of the Whirlpool filters.

3 – Advanced 9 stage purification system

Stage 1: Pre-Filter – This is the initial stage of purification where the Pre-Filter removes physical impurities like sand, dust and dirt.
Stage 2: Sediment Filter- During this stage more physical impurities such as fine dirt & turbidity are removed from the water.
Stage 3: Pre Carbon Filter- Carbon absorbs and removes harsh smell and bad taste from the filtered water.
Stage 4: RO Membrane- The Reverse Osmosis process eliminates dissolved solids, heavy metals and waterborne microbes from the drinking water, optimum filter life is 5400 liters* and then it needs to be replaced.
Stage 5: Post Carbon Filter-Polishes and improves the taste of water
Stage 6: Calcium Booster- Enhances calcium levels in the water and boosts the pH level
Stage 7: UV Filter- The UV Filter deactivates water-borne micro-organisms to provide healthy drinking water.
Stage 8: UF Filter- During this process, the harmful bacteria from the water are removed leaving behind the better quality of potable water.
Stage 9: Microblock makes storage tank water 99.9% free from any bacterial growth and sustains the goodness of purification

4. Activated Carbon Block Design

During Filtration, water passes through carbon particles (stage 3) to remove harmful particles. While other purifiers have loosely aligned carbon particles, Whirlpool has by way of smart design ensured a tightly packed activated carbon block design that ensures higher contact time between water and carbon. Higher the contact time, better the sensing of harmful particles and higher the level of purification.

5 – Calcium Booster


Calcium is an important constituent needed by your body to stay healthy. Calcium is important to preserve the health of vital organs like the heart, muscles, nervous system, and bones. It is one of the most important minerals that should be part of your daily intake, especially for growing children and women. Low levels of calcium can cause a variety of health challenges. To avoid this, it is important that calcium forms an important part of your diet and water. The Purasense Water purifier has an in-built process that boosts the calcium content in the water to make it even healthier for you.

The water purifier can be wall mounted as well as placed on a counter-top as per your convenience. All models come with the visible water level so that you never run out of pure and clean water to drink at home. Get the convenience of cleaning the storage tank with the removable lid and washable tank.

The product also comes with a 1-year warranty including RO membrane and free installation along with 3 preventive maintenance free during the first year of purchase.

There are three variants available in Purasense range of water purifiers that one can select from depending on the water quality in your area and your budget.

1) -Purasense RO + UF

  • 7 stage filtration
  • Calcium Booster
  • Do It Yourself’ filter replacement

2 – Purasense RO + UF + UV

  • 8 stage filtration process
  • Do It Yourself’ filter replacement
  • Calcium Booster
  • Filter change indicator

3 – Purasense RO + UV + UF + Auto TDS

  • Advanced 9 stage water purification with Pre-filter
  • Auto TDS-Hardness Sensor
  • Do It Yourself’ filter replacement
  • Calcium Booster
  • Filter Change Indicator

The products are available at all major retail stores and the Whirlpool website.