Concerned about the declining air quality? Here’s how Whirlpool’s 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter AC can help

Concerned about the declining air quality? Here’s how Whirlpool’s 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter AC can help

Concerned about the declining air quality? Here’s how Whirlpool’s 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter AC can help

by November 1, 2018


Your home is the essence of a warm and caring abode. In order to enable a great living experience for your loved ones, you ensure that everything inside your house is comfortable and healthy. But have you factored in the air at home?

Yes, you read it right. The air at home is laden with pollutants and dust particles just like the external environment. From cooking residue to wall paints and fungal spores, there are many causes of indoor air pollution which could lead to health issues like chronic bronchitis or chronic obstructive lung diseases. In fact, leading research journals and media houses have corroborated that indoor air is more dangerous than outdoor air.


What this means for you?

Indoor air does have more than its share of contaminants. The presence of polluted air and allergens can adversely affect your goal of healthy living. However, the good news is that there is a smart way to protect your family. You can go in for an air purification system. These devices help eliminate the micro-sized pollutants that are a part of the living environment indoors. An air purifier is designed to provide protection from the pollution hazards posed by extremely small particulate matter that is invisible to the naked eye.

While the proposition does seem like a fabulous one, there are many hindrances like the purchase cost, the space that would be taken up to set up an air purifier in your home and the added electricity and maintenance overheads of another appliance making the buying decision not a straightforward one.

What if you were to get a revolutionary technology that can help you get the work done through another household appliance? Yes, we are talking about the Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter Air Conditioner. It combines the goodness of air that is both, filtered and cool. Now, that’s a winning combination that you would surely love to get installed in your home!

Dust particles and even PM-0.3* pollutants are filtered through the in-built air purifier giving you cool and pure air.

Year-round utility that guarantees value for money. Even works as a standalone air purifier!

Who says that an air conditioner has to be of use only in summer? At Whirlpool, they extend the value of an air conditioner beyond the summer season. So, the Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Air Conditioner provides immense utility value with its air purification capacity that enables you to enjoy winters without the risk of dust mites and other pollutants. The best part about its air purification feature is that you don’t even need to keep the cooling mode on. It can work just as a standalone air purifier in the fan mode with the Air Purification Mode on. This translates to better value for money and performance without the hefty electricity bills.


Amazing air purification capabilities that remain unmatched in the market

Most stand-alone air purifiers offer removal of PM 2.5 pollutants. But the built-in air purifier in the Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Air Conditioner is capable of eliminating pollutants as small as PM 0.3. This ensures clean air inside the house for your near and dear ones – air that is free of pollutants even as small as 0.3 micro-meters in diameter. This feature of the AC goes a long way in protecting your family members from respiratory and allergic conditions and serious ailments like heart and lung diseases, in the long term.


When you opt for the Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Air Conditioner, you also get the below best-in-class features –

1 – 3D cool technology – The 3 air vents draw the hot air out of the room, thus ensuring up to 40% faster cooling*^, up to 12m air throw* to enable corner to corner cooling, even at 55 degree Celsius*. This also means that the air in every corner of the room is purified.

*Results shown are based on internal lab testing done on select models under specific conditions and may vary depending on the testing conditions.
^Testing against select comparable products of other brands available in this segment

2 – Intellisense Inverter technology – The AC adapts to your cooling needs while keeping the electricity consumption optimal. This ensures lifetime savings of up to ₹43000* on your electricity bill. Additionally, considering that the air circulated is purified as well, you would be looking at huge savings.

#Results shown at unit electricity rate of ₹8 at 10 hours per day for period of 8 months over 7 years as per BEE recommended master sheet comparing Whirlpool 1.5T 3 Star Inverter AC to 1.5T 2 Star on-off AC based on 2010 split AC star ratings of BEE.

3 – 6th SENSE IntelliComfort Technology – The AC’s built-in sensors can assess the room’s real feel temperature considering the humidity level and gives the best cooling result at efficient power consumption.

*Results shown are based on internal lab testing done on select models under specific conditions and may vary depending upon the testing conditions.
#Intuitive Logic Chip alters the AC cooling depending on ambient moisture levels leading to cooling comfort.

Get one for your household today itself!

The level of air pollution keeps getting worse with each passing day. This also leads to deteriorating indoor air quality. This problem affects your family for all 12 months of the year. Your loved ones deserve a much better quality of indoor air, free from the perils of tiny allergens, dust particles, cooking residue, and paint fumes.

Choose the 3D Cool Purafresh Air Conditioner from Whirlpool and be well prepared to tackle the brunt of summer heat and the year-round threats posed by airborne inhalable pollutants, get double value for the price of one appliance.