WhatSim – Stay In touch With Your Loved Ones Always

WhatSim – Stay In touch With Your Loved Ones Always

WhatSim – Stay In touch With Your Loved Ones Always

by January 27, 2015

If you thought that WhatsApp was the best it could get in the world of free messaging, you couldn’t be any more wrong. The massive appeal of the app nudged Manuel Zanella, the founder of Zeromobile, to come up with the idea of WhatSim, a SIM card that lets the user chat without any Wi-Fi or data connection while on roaming.

WhatSim is going to be the first SIM card that will let you stay in touch with your friends and family whenever you are on the go and that too without incurring any costs. The Facebook owned WhatsApp will soon garner even more fans with this latest addition. Read on to know more about this enterprising venture.

When you are travelling, you require Wi-Fi or an internet data connection to use WhatsApp. Since, the costs of using data on roaming can be high or the availability of free Wi-Fi cannot be guaranteed everywhere, WhatSim is an amazing new alternative that will allow you to be connected with the world as it does not require either of those two options.


The SIM can be connected with over 400 service providers across 150 countries depending on your location. What’s more, WhatSim will automatically connect to the best network depending on the coverage and signal.

WhatSim can be purchased for €10 and can be used to chat freely for up to a year. The company also states that WhatSim does not have any fixed monthly costs or payments and will never expire. You may share unlimited Contacts or Locations using WhatSim. However, if you wish to send images, videos, or audio clips, you need to buy some credits. Zanella assures that buying credits will be absolutely easy; one can visit their website from their Smartphone to make the purchase or even log on to their soon-to-be launched dedicated app for the same. For every €5, the user will receive 1000 credits for use, but the number of credits that will be required to send pictures or videos will vary according to the country that you are in.

India being in Zone 3, a user here will need 150 credits for sharing a picture, 30 for voice notes, and 600 credits for videos. The maximum recharge that can be done is €50 which translates to 10,000 credits. According to Zanella, this system offers great transparency to the whole process of sending multimedia.

WhatSim can be bought online through its website. Also, the company intends to expand by making the SIM available in over 100 countries through local distributors. The company is also in the process of launching a unique version of WhatSim which is inspired by Pope Francis. This version will be available in countries that the United Nations calls the Global South. Zanella plans to sell the WhatSim for €5 in some of these countries.

This brilliant endeavour promises to be a hit with the 700 million users of WhatsApp as it will enable them to stay connected, anywhere and everywhere without having to worry about the financial consequences.