WhatsApp gives another reason to get excited – Video calling feature coming soon

WhatsApp gives another reason to get excited – Video calling feature coming soon

WhatsApp gives another reason to get excited – Video calling feature coming soon

by May 16, 2016

Whatsapp video calling

In case you are one of those who prayed hard for WhatsApp to bring in the video calling feature, your prayers have finally been heard. It’s time to rejoice as WhatsApp has added the most awaited video calling feature to its beta version for Android devices. If you are a beta-tester, you would probably want to get your hands on the beta version.

Image source: androidheadlines.com

Once you click on the ‘Call’ button, you get to choose between 2 optionsvoice call and video call. However, keep in mind that the video-calling feature is not functional yet.

WhatsApp is not the only messenger app that will be supplemented with this brand new feature. Numerous chat apps such as Facebook messenger, Viber, Hangouts and many others already have the feature active, and many opt for these apps primarily for the video-calling capability. Once WhatsApp receives the update, it is sure to get the most needed edge over its competing apps.

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But, how will WhatsApp stand apart from the rest when it comes to video calling? With all that we know about WhatsApp, we can probably say that it will be building the reliability of its new feature based on the strong factors it already owns.

whatsapp video calls

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WhatApp is now being used by over 1 billion users globally. Above all, it is end-to-end encrypted, which means it holds the complete privacy of all your conversations. These 2 factors are good enough to compel users to make a switch to WhatsApp from the apps they have already been using for video-calling.

But, that’s not all. If rumours are to be believed, WhatsApp is most likely working on integrating call-back feature as well. Some other sources state that the messenger may soon support voicemails as well. Both of these reports lack a strong base and therefore won’t make sense relying upon. However, we wish these features do turn into reality, if not now, at least somewhere down the line.

Moving back to the video-calling feature, we are yet to find out if the capability will be extended to WhatsApp groups.

whatsapp video call feature

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For quite a while now WhatsApp has been receiving several updates and almost all of these were the ones we were eagerly waiting for. Take for instance the simple text formatting feature where you can Bold, Italicize or Strikeout text. If you are someone who likes to keep the text organised with the titles bold and a few chunks of texts italicised, you would probably want to make use of these features. Below is an image of how the formatted text looks.

Image source: techtimes.com

So, with all that in store for you, it seems like WhatsApp isn’t in a mood to leave out anything that you possibly feel is currently missing. However, like discussed earlier, for now, the feature is available only on the beta version of the app and is not quite functioning. But, that shouldn’t sound disappointing. We can expect the update to go public in the next couple of weeks, and don’t be surprised if you get it the day after you have read this article.

But, before that happens, make sure you have a good camera phone at hand. After all, you would want to look your best while on a video call.