Whatsapp Web Update Promises Users Better Messaging Experience

Whatsapp Web Update Promises Users Better Messaging Experience

Whatsapp Web Update Promises Users Better Messaging Experience

by July 15, 2015
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Whatsapp, the most popular instant messaging application has seeped into our lives in a way that it has become nearly impossible to live without it. It has imposed itself on the smartphone users so much so that it no more looked upon a mere messaging application but as a way of life. Think about it, what do you do, what do we all do, first thing after we wake up in the morning? We invariably reach out for our mobile phone and check if there are any whatsapp messages from last night?

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If Whatsapp on the smartphone wasn’t enough, the web version keeps you busy and updated about the latest messages through the day during your working hours. However, while the web version has been around for quite some time now, there hasn’t been any significant changes or updates made to it, it still has been in its rudimentary form. Well, not any more, finally, the much awaited Whatsapp update for the web is released and is up for download for all web users.

The Facebook owned instant messaging service has released the update with various features that are in line with the Smartphone version of Whatsapp. The web users can now check the features simply by launching the service on their web browsers. With the new update, the users can now edit their profile display pictures as well as change their status messages.

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To be able to use this feature, you simply have to use the mouse to hover over your existing profile picture and you would see an option displayed on the image, which can be used to edit the image. You can either change the picture or remove it. Similarly, there is an edit icon next to the status message, you simply have to click on the icon to change your current status and share it with all your friends in your chat list.

whatsapp web archive chats

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Another significant update is the new option that is built with-in the overflow menu. This new option allows you to delete and/or archive the individual chats. If you are part of any of the group chat, you can now get rid of the constant alerts by clicking on the mute option. You can even archive your group chats so that you can enjoy reading through the messages you shared with your beloved ones.

Last but not the least, the new Whatsapp update for web has introduced a big red icon that allows the users to delete and exit the group chats right off your desktop. The introduction of new Whatsapp update for web guarantees the web users to provide a better and an incredible user experience. If you are still not a part of the Whatsapp web user bandwagon, now would be the good time to join! Happy Whatsapping!