What to expect from Google I/O 2016?

What to expect from Google I/O 2016?

What to expect from Google I/O 2016?

by May 6, 2016

What to expect from Google IO 2016

All you tech geeks out there, here’s something to cheer about. The Google I/O event kick-starts on 18th May and will end on 20th. The agenda features almost everything you’ve been waiting for – Virtual Reality, self-driving cars, Android N and a lot more. This year, the event will be held at Mountain View, California and is expected to be one of the busiest events since the inception of Google I/O.

It will all begin with a keynote by Google CEO, Sunder Pichai informing about the various products and platform innovations at Google.

Android N

Next follows the most exciting part, the new Android. Confess, you have been waiting for it, haven’t you? The developer preview of Android N was released a couple of months ago with and intention to offer developers a good amount of time to build apps for the new version. Interestingly, many are simply eager to find out what ‘N’ would actually stand for. No doubt, everyone seems to be betting their money on ‘Nutella’, but we’ll have to wait and watch. Here is what we know about Android Nutella.

android n

Image source: droid-life.com

Nexus 7 tablet

There have been reports of Google working on the Nexus 7 tablet. Earlier Google had launched the Pixel C to replace the Nexus 9 tablet.

However, there is no news yet on whether the Nexus 7 will be revealed at the event, but you shouldn’t be surprised if it does, as this is in fact the best time.

nexus 7

Image source: nimifab.com

Project ARA

In case you don’t recollect, Project ARA is Google’s modular smartphone, which is yet to be released. We all have been hearing about it since 2013. According to the official twitter account of Project ARA, the device will hit shelves in the US this year. If that’s the case, Google should most likely offer more details on the same during the event. Here is everything you need to know about Project ARA.

project ara

Image source: cloudfront.net

Android wear

Over the last one year, the Android Wear has been updated with some fabulous features, some of which are native Wi-Fi capabilities and better gesture support. Most importantly, in 2015, Android Wear also became iOS compatible, which was in fact a big deal. At this year’s Google I/O event, the tech giant may announce few more improvements probably on the gesture and the voice control fronts.

android wear

Image source: bostinno.streetwise.co

Virtual Reality

VR is presently the most talked about topic, and it is less likely that Google would skip it. While most of the tech giants have already started flexing their muscles in the Virtual Reality arena, it would be interesting to see what Google has in store for us in the VR front.

No doubt, Google has already taken its first step in the VR world by introducing the Google Cardboard, which is one of the most affordable VR devices around. Of course, it may not be the coolest one out there offering you the best VR experience, but is definitely something that you would want to keep handy.

google vr headset

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Now, the question is, how will Google take it all to the next level? Of course, we can surely expect something huge.

How to attend this event?

To attend the Google I/O event one needs to be a developer and an application needs to be submitted. The ones whose applications are randomly selected can attend the event. Obviously, not most of us will be able to make it to the event. However, that’s not stopping us from making the most out of it through live streams.

Don’t forget to install the I/O app to stay up-to-date with all the developments taking place at the event. The app lets you watch live streams of the major sessions and speeches.

But, if the live stream doesn’t make you happy, and you wish the event was held somewhere close to your residence, the I/O extended has got you covered. While the event is on at Mountain View, you can walk up to one of the local events held by Google at the same time. How cool is that?

Other topics to be discussed at the event include Game Development, Using Analytics to Build Extraordinary Apps, Accelerating Your Development Career, Android Auto and a lot more. So, there’s probably a lot awaiting you at the Google I/O conference 2016. Are you excited?