What is Google up to? Revealed some secret projects

What is Google up to? Revealed some secret projects

What is Google up to? Revealed some secret projects

by March 9, 2016
google secret projects

What is Google up to? Revealed some secret projects

Even if you are a hermit who has been living under a rock for the past twenty years, there is no chance that you don’t know about Google and that it began as a simple search engine. That web search engine has now grown into such a technological behemoth with so many branches that there are literally no pies that Google doesn’t have its fingers in. With single minded focus on innovation and progress, Google has started working in automation, robotics, health and other fields. Here we take a sneak peek into Google’s most secretive projects that have the potential to change the world as we know it.

Space Elevators

google space elevator

Image Source: androidphonehub.com

Yes, you read that right. And no, this is not a list of science fiction fantasies that I dreamt about last night. Under their Google X agenda, Google has long been working with other companies to build a system that allows people to leave the Earth’s atmosphere without using rocket propulsion. In other or simpler words, or maybe a phrase I am dying to use here – it’s an elevator straight into space! Even though they are working at a conceptual stage right now, experts say that such a system could probably exist in the next decade or so. Top floor – Stratosphere!

Home Automation


Image Source: adslzone.net

Google is trying to interconnect all of our home appliances so that these devices are integrated and automated. Imagine asking Android’s personal assistant if you are out of milk in your refrigerator. Or getting a beep on your Android phone when you’re out of ice cream. Yes, that sort of thing. This is entirely believable since most of our entertainment appliances like the TV, home theatre system, desktop computer, media stations and Blu-Ray player are already interconnected. On top of that, Android @Home has already integrated light bulbs, coffee machines and other stuff.

Self-Driving Cars

google self driving cars

Image Source: gazettereview.com

Probably the idea which has interested most of the companies today. Tesla, Apple, Google, you name it; everyone wants to build a car that does not require a driver. With Google at the forefront of navigation with Google Maps  and Street View, it’s no surprise that they would want to build a self-driving car integrated with their navigation services. Imagine searching for a McDonald’s on Google Maps while sitting in the backseat and tapping ‘Go here’, and instead of directions to the restaurant, your driverless car will automatically change course and take you to your destination. Stuff of movies? Probably not a few years down the line.

These are only the three that we find most interesting. Google is also working furiously in Robotics. There is a rumour that there is a secret laboratory where Google is running live robots to do simple chores. Also, robotic delivery drones would soon deliver your take away order or that latest gadget you ordered from Amazon.

With Google, the possibilties are endless.

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