What does your Phone Case Says About You? – Protective, Risk taker, Geek or something else

What does your Phone Case Says About You? – Protective, Risk taker, Geek or something else

What does your Phone Case Says About You? – Protective, Risk taker, Geek or something else

by February 9, 2018

Mobile phones are crucial in every aspect of this modern era. Every minor task we do needs assistance from the mobile phone. We use it to order food, to book a cab, to check the route map, to keep in touch with friends, to talk to family members and the list can never end. We love to dress up our phones as much as we do. We also invest in phone cases not to keep the mobile phone safe but also to reflect our attitude and style. Your phone case can tell a lot about your personality. If you want to know what your phone case says about you, check out the below 12 points:

1.Sturdy case for a protective owner – If you have a sturdy and life-proof protective case. It says that you have broken your cell phone numerous times. You are so frustrated with changing the phone so often that, you have now invested in a strong defensive case to ensure durability. You also like to flaunt it with pride.

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2.Credit or Debit card holder case for an organised person – If you have a mobile case with slots to organise your credit cards and debit cards, it says you are a well-organised person. You do not really like to dig into your handbag or wallet to find the card while doing payment. It is much easier for you to flip your phone case and pull out the card.

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3.Animal phone case for a pet lover – If you have a mobile case with animal pictures. You are more likely to have pets at home. You are an animal lover and a caring and compassionate person. You love to respond to others feelings. Maybe you work at veterinarians’ office or in a zoo or in a pet shop. Nevertheless, animals play an important role in your daily life.

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4.Naked phone for a risk taker – If you are a person who loves taking risks, you are most likely to keep your phone naked without a phone case. You are usually a person who loves to spend your weekends, hiking or biking or skydiving. You are either too confident in your iron grips or do not really care about carrying a shattered phone. All you want is, to show off your expensive phone without hiding it behind a case.

5.Sticker phone case for a fun lover – If you have stickers on your phone case, it says that you are an amusing person. Stickers are a cute way of decking up your phone case. It is perfect for college goers and students. But, for business professionals, it might not be a great option to show it off in front of the foreign delegates.

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6.The rechargeable case for a responsible person – If you have a rechargeable phone case, it says that you are a proactive and dependable person. You do not want to take chances with your phone battery, drying up when swiping through the important emails. You also spend a lot of time with your mobile phone by either clicking pictures or listening to music or using the social media or on Google maps.

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7.The Selfie case for a selfie lover – If you own a selfie case, it says that you love taking selfies all the time. Be it a haunted house or a crowded place, and you like to click selfies wherever you go. This phone case is mainly designed to improve the quality of selfies even in the dark or dim light. Even your friends love to borrow your phone because of the amazing excellence of pictures.

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8.The Classic phone case for a tech geek – If you own a classic phone case, it means you only bother about the phone functionality. You do not like to deck up your phone case with embellishments or patterns or stickers. You do not like to go wrong by choosing off beam design. All you need is a simple phone case or a chic leather phone case to ensure protection.

9.The crazy couture for a trend-setter – If you own a phone case with lovely crystal embellishments, you are a person who loves to be updated with the latest fashion trends. You are likely to change your phone case often to match your outfit for every occasion. In general, you want people to notice your fashion sense and get inspired by it.

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10.Cartoon phone for comic book lover – If you have a cartoon phone case like Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse or Betty Boop etc. It means that you are a kid at heart and enjoys the comic shows and cartoon shows. You are the one who loves to spend your weekends watching the Minions or Toy Story. You refuse to let go your childhood memories and youthfulness.

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11.The floral phone case for Nature lover – If you have a phone case with floral designs, you are more likely to be in sync with nature. You enjoy the beauty of scenery and fragrance of fresh flowers. If you are a woman, you love to deck up in beautiful dresses, wear jewellery and makeup. You want to look beautiful and elegant at the same time.

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12.The glittery rhinestones phone case for the fashion diva – If you own a stone studded phone case, you are more likely to be fashion freak. You love to flaunt a glamorous look. A woman with a mobile case with glittery stones is more likely to have a wardrobe filled with stone studded expensive dresses and sparkling jewels. You never compromise on the latest fashion trends and seem to be up to date.

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