by June 9, 2015
timex yacht racer watch

image source – timex.com

Not all watches need to be “smart” to be fun and popular, and Timex has proved that with its latest watch named ‘Yacht Racer’. A well established watch brand, Timex has always come up with fabulous designs that are a great blend of style and comfort. The Yacht Racer is no exception.

timex yacht racer watch design

The Yacht Racer comes in four designs which hold tremendous appeal to different kind of wearers. The yellow and black will be welcomes by those who wish to add vibrancy to their attire and for the others, Timex offers combinations of grey and black, white and black, or rose gold and black. The silicone band of the Yacht Racer feels comfortable. However, it begins to become a kind of bother if you perspire. The analogous watch comes with three buttons apart from the crown whose function is to change the modes and control the timer. It also has a chronograph that can be controlled using the buttons. The metal base of the watch makes it a bit heavy although once the user gets used to it, it doesn’t seem so.

timex yacht racer watch colours

The colour of the timer/chronograph hand has been chosen well so as to make it stand out against the dial for better view. The side of the bezel has the numbers 1-31 printed which can be used by the wearer to see the date by pressing on the crown. The yellow timer hand then points to the current date.

timex yacht racer watch water resistant

Now, coming to the Yacht Racer’s features that make it a ‘Yacht Racer,’ it is water resistant up to a depth of an impressive 100 meters, making it apt for usage while indulging in water sports. Races have some form of a countdown and sailing races are no different. There is a 5 minute warning signal before the flag is dropped to signal the start of the race and a whistle is sounded at the 1 minute mark. The chronograph feature of the Yacht Racer can be used by the wearer to keep a track of these times. The timer, the design, and the water resistance of the watch make it a truly marine sports watch.

Video Credits: Timex Canada

On the left side is a button that is used to switch between the modes like the Yacht Racer mode which has three countdown timers of 1,3, and 5 minutes. In this mode, the timer hand moves anti-clockwise until the time runs out. Post this, the chronograph starts automatically which shows two time intervals of 30 minutes each.

The wearer will need to read the accompanying manual before using the watch as different combinations of the buttons lead to different features. Although called the “Yacht” Racer, this sturdy watch looks good on any hand, irrespective of their affiliation to any marine sports or not. This Timex piece promises to show the wearer a “good time”.